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Ihave great news... and I wanted to share it iwth my friends here first.

ML is doing so well on fish oil, the psychiatrist is starting to remove ever so slowly her AD.

And we go to the nephrologist in april but her urine looks worlds better.

I highly recommend fish oil to one and all.


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what is the dose of fish oil you are using...I give my 6 year old 2 large pills a day..we thought it helped but now we are not so sure..he is add/bi-polar. Taking abilify/concerta/tenex


we can't recommend or not recommend any particular brand... companies take offense to this. But here's an article that may help. It's dated 2001 but you'll find similar info in the more recent version of The Bipolar Child. This article tells you what to look for in a brand.

Keep in mind that the size of the pill has nothing to do with dosage. It's the dosage that's important.

I've asked any number of psychiatrists and I've yet to find one who didn't recommend fish oil for adults and teens. I've never discussed young children. Aside from BiPolar (BP) it's considered good for everyone.


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I'm not sure the brand makes much dif. I subscribed to a testing lab that looks at different products. I think if you were to stick with the major brands you'd be ok. There is a tremendous amount of info on omega's on the web. There appears to be quite a bit of positive response in regards to effectiveness. please look into the need for Multiple Vit's in addition to the oils. You might also consider testing for deficiencies in zinc,magnesium and B-6 ( niacin). you need to be careful with the natural elements like zinc and magnesium; they are not water soluble and will build up in the body if too much is used. I placed my kids on EFA's I guess about 8 weeks ago, changed other things as well. Much better than before. goood luck.

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My difficult child is also doing well on the fish oil. I couldn't get him to take the large caps. so I got the type that is a frosting consistency, oragne flavor and in a foil pack so he eats it like a Gogurt. He has been on it for about a week, yesterday he had the best behavior, I am so hopeful. Thanks!!


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I'm happy for you we have just started omega 3s a few days ago. how long did it take for you to see results? I have heard it can take 4-6 weeks. I am hopeful this might help us too.


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I swear by fish oil. I've had a pain in my back for 20 years, doctor says "slight" arthritis, take motrin.

I've been taking 800mg of motrin at least 2-3 times a day for YEARS.

Stopped in the health food store one day and the lady recommended fish oil and the pain is gone!

I hardly take any motrin anymore. If I have an ache or pain I just usually take an extra dose.

My only suggestion is to get a premium brand, not from the grocery or other chain store. Get a brand that is tested to be free of contaminants and mercury. You'll have to get it from a health food store or online. And you can tell the differnce. I ran out of the good stuff and bought a bottle at the grocery in a pinch and what a differnce! When I opened the bottle it reeked of fish and really played havoc on my stomach. In the trash it went!

Another tip, if you take the capsules and have the fish burps, with a good brand you shouldn't unless you have stomach problems (I do), there is an enzyme you can take that will eliminate that. But that adds to the cost.

So you can get the liquid in the lemon flavor. I just take a teaspoonfull and toss it back in my mouth and wash it down with OJ. It does taste like lemon and not fish (which amazed me) but the OJ will cut the oily feel, which isn't much.

Also you can mix it into stuff. I've put it in oatmeal and smoothies.

I've read that it will help my easy child with his kidney disease so I'm sending him a big ol' bottle.

It's good stuff and good for you.



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My difficult child's psychiatrist also recommened that the fish oils be taken with certain vitamns to be most effective. We found small strawberry flavored chewable liquid filled capsles that also have the vitamns in them. I can't really say how much they are helping because she is on other medications but, she is on the road to stability. And I'll take that, it's worth all the fish oil there is. And if taking this natural supplement means that she is on even just alittle bit less of a drug that she has to have blood work for the make sure her organs are functioning properly, then again I'll take it. I'm doing everything I can, and the books say the fish oil helps BiPolar (BP) kids.



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My fav psychiatrist says 'there is some evidence to suggest fish oil can help with bipolar' but added: "the problem is they have to take so much, they smell of fish".

She is speaking of adults.

I swear by efalex for me .. I like the balance of fish and other oils. The odd fishy burp but ... I can live with it.



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I'm so grateful for this link!!! It got me thinking about my daughter and her problems lately.

I ran out of her strawberry flavored omega's some time back and just never got more. :rolleyes:

I am going to make sure to pick some more up ASAP!!! She LOVES them and I feel they were helping and I just didn't make the connection.

FYI: I moderate on a post partum website and have found information that omega's are very much lacking in women that experience PPD problems.