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I had a treatment review meeting with all staff this week at the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), and just as last month things are really going great with Kate. psychiatrist said she is starting the discharge process for Kate. She is getting home based family therp. in line for when Kate returns. Looks like the end of May Kate will be in our home again! I am thrilled! Its not like last time where I just really felt Kate was not ready. She has been stable across the board for months now. I think its a combo of the medications., maturity,and a leson learned that has made this change in her.
She has passed to the 10th grade. The Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is sending all her educational info to our school here. She is working with an academic advisor on her schedule of classes for next year. All along she has been in college prep classes. She is determined to become a vet. or something in that field. She has a animal science class planned also. Thank God through all of the years her mental state did not effect her grades. She said she really doesnt even try hard for her grades!! WoW to be so lucky. I struggled all through school.
She has been working part time at a local vet. office for 2 months now on Sat. when she is home. So when she is home for good they want her for more hours, looks like this summer will be busy for her. I do know I have to keep Kate very busy. Because when bordom sets in she goes looking for excitement, neg. or poss.
I just pray the medications. and everything keeps working for her, she deserves to feel good. I will keep a close eye on her.
psychiatrist told her at the meeting.... You do relize if you behaviors start back up once your home, you will be back here so fast your head will spin!! Yeah way to go doctor!!! I am so glad they told her that. Hope all is going well with you all!!
Later, Kathy _ Kate's mom


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It is so wonderful to hear the great report! It sounds like everything was in place for her to succeed. How wonderful that she will be coming home soon, and that she is ready this time!

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Thanks for sharing such a positive update. I love hearing about the improvements our difficult children achieve. :bravo:



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I'm also loving the positive update! :bravo:

Thanks for posting!

It sounds like the plans in place cover it all. Good for Kate for keeping her goal of working in the vet field.

Keep smiling! :grin: