Update on meeting with psychiatrist


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Well, the appointment yesterday with the child psychiatrist went well. My husband went with me which was great. He's been the most hesistant to admit that our son may need some help. Before the appointment he tried to get my difficult child to color and my difficult child was having trouble focusing, got easily frustrated and at times refuse to do it. I think that experience kind of opened his eyes.

The psychiatrist discussed our experience with him and also talked to him. He thinks that the symptoms seem like ADHD. He also thinks there may be symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Aspergers but that right now we would treat the ADHD.

Since my son is not in school, the psychiatrist suggested we give him some benadryl and see if that helps. If that doesn't work then he suggested Adderall. He gave me a prescription to Adderall. He said one of the side effects is loss of appetite. Has anyone had experience with Adderall?

Well, he was very nice and made us feel more comfortable. He said that therapy will also be added as we go. I will see how things go. Hopefully, I can put my son back in preschool in a few weeks.


If there is the slightest chance your difficult child has Aspergers, you should have him evaluated by a developmental pediatrician, neuropsychologist or autism clinic at a university or children's hospital. Both ADHD-like and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms can be wrapped up in Aspergers. You would want to know now what you're dealing with because kids with Aspergers require intensive interventions. With an Aspergers diagnosis, your difficult child would also qualify for school-based support.

My son was on Adderall for about 2 weeks. It increased his tics so we discontinued it. Adderall can also cause moodiness as a side effect. All stimulants are known to decrease appetite.


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I have a local children's hospital that I need to submit an application to. They have a waiting list of 8-10 weeks before you can get an evaluation. My husband doesn't think that is necessary, but I think it would be a good idea. I will talk to him and try to convince him and in the meanwhile I'll submit the application. Thanks for you feedback.


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I agree with smallmom. We had to wait six months, but it was worth it. I would take him with or without husband's blessing because early intervention is the best hope for a child on the autism spectrum, even one with Aspergers. Good luck!


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Okay. I have the application ready for the children's hospital. I will mail it out today. I will feel more comfortable with a full evaluation.

Now do you guys think I should go ahead and give him the Benadryl as the psychiatrist recommended or wait until I get the evaluation by the hospital?