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    On Monday I noticed many more open sores, especially on her tail. Upper part near her butt. When I combed it, clumps of hair fell out. Same with other areas. When I combed it clumps of hair fell out. She has bald spots more and more.

    I called the vet again, as he wanted an update after a week. told me to continue with the antibiotics, increased thyroid medication., benadryl and this big old vitamin supplement. Told me that by no means should either dog be getting table scraps. Well, you try to give 15 pills a day to a dog who spits them out! I told him I try to hide it in people food. She sometimes finds them and spits them out, other times she puts her nose up and walks away. Sometimes she eats them. We have gotten pretty creative in the pill giving area.

    He now prescribed a shampoo. So, I picked up the $30 bottle of shampoo. Gave her the bath(which she hates). I was afraid it may be uncomfortable with the open sores as this shampoo has peroxide in it, and the caution said "may bleach towels and rugs". However she seemed much more relaxed and comfortable after. I did a blow dry, which she loves. Says to shampoo 2 - 3 times a week. Things did look a bit better on Tuesday.

    Wednesday, her eyes seemed so spacy. But I guess when you take 6 benadryl a day anyone would be spacy.

    Want to stay away from the prendisone, last resort at this time. Causes so much weight gain, the very reason the thyroid test was initially given...overweight!

    I still have this feeling it is because of the other dog. Wednesday night husband was giving the dogs treats. Chloe would never even take a treat unless you tell her it is ok. Pup jumped up and took it right out of husband's hand. So he said, "no, not nice, go away!" so, Chloe put her head down and walked away. Just wondering if she thinks everytime we say anything negative to the pup if she thinks we are talking to her.
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    Stress could be a factor. It's worth considering. Maybe keep pup's training sessions well away from Chloe - totally out of earshot.

    The weight gain from prednisone - it's mostly fluid, it will fall off when she's off it. It also tastes very bitter, it could be very unpleasant for her to take.

    The peroxide - we use it topically on bacterial skin infections, it's very effective. Not sure how effective it would be, dilute in a shampoo, it probably still would have an antimicrobial effect. Peroxide can sting a bit on mouth ulcers but I've never known it to sting in a wound. And as you said, she seems fine. The blow-drying sounds like a very loving thing to do for her. She sounds like she needs a lot of TLC right now. Poor darling!

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    She might be mistaking your dicipline of the pup as meaning it for her. Molly did that at first, til I caught on. Then I made sure the new dogs name was always used during correction. But most training was away from Molly.

    Molly's fanny is sporting sores I noticed last night. So a bath for her, peroxide for the sores, and since I've yet to catch a flea on her, husband will be mowing down the weeds that have sprouted up in the back yard.

    Stress can be a factor. Have they checked for mange? Just seems unreal the poor doggie is still suffering so much. :frown:

    As for the peroxide, I've always put it right on the sore. Doesn't hurt my dogs. Can't say they love it, but doesn't hurt them. I clean Rowdy's ear fly bites with it then coat them with a thick layer of petroleum jelly, keeps the flies off while it heals.

    Poor doggie.

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Daisylover</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Have they checked for mange? </div></div>

    what is that?
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    I had a dog the was not a good medication taker and I had to get a mortar & pestle to crush the medication and put it in a spoon and stick it in her mouth!!! She'd find a pill in ANYTHING I put it in!!
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    I just looked up mange. Sounds and looks just like what is going on. We are using antibiotics and now have the medicated shampoo. I need to call vet next week with an update. I will ask. Thanks
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    I was going to ask about mange as well. If your pup is a black Lab they are well known for getting it. At least in my area. It is very hard to get rid of if I recall. We had a Black Lab when I was in high school and he had it. We tried EVERYTHING. I remember this blue stuff we had to put on him. I think mange is some kind if skin parasite if I recall but it has been so many years ago I just don't remember much about it. I would also ask your vet if it is contagious for your other dogs if he does have it.

    As for the training, if one of our dogs get in trouble they all scatter :(. We have to reassure the innocent ones it's not them in trouble.

    I hope your baby gets better soon. Poor thing :frown:

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    Mange IS a skin parasite, a kind of mite from memory. There are several kinds, one can be particularly nasty. I would have thought the vet would have already checked it out, he can take scrapings and look at them under the microscope for the mites, to see if they're there. The two kinds of mange, from memory, are sarcoptic (from the Sarcoptes mite) and demodectic (the nasty one, from Demodex). I think demodectic is much more treatable now than it used to be.

    Mange is like scabies, for dogs, but because they're hairy creatures it looks a lot worse.

    By all means ask your vet, but chances are he's already considered it and checked it out. Good to know, though.

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    No tests have been done! Each time I have brought her in they only shaved the area and treated the infected area. The last two times I spoke to the vet on the phone. He prescribed the antibiotics and amino 3's and all the other medications over the phone.

    Last week I was questioning things and he said he will see her if I would like. But he prescribed that shampoo and I said I would try it and call back next week.

    The shampoo says to use 3x's a week. leave on for 15 minutes. Has peroxide and something else in it. Says you can use it on Dogs, horses and something else.

    First time I used the shampoo (she hates baths) she seemed so much more comfortable after. Much more peaceful. I checked her sores after the bath and the next day and they looked so much better.

    Shampoo'd again today. She was even willing to get into the tub alone. Again so much more comfortable after. husband said she seemed so much more frisky than usual when he took her to the park.

    She looks better. Her face looks better today than in the past. eyes more clear, face not puffy at all.

    when I read about Mange on the net...it sure sounds like her. Right to the "T". Even includes stress and balding. I believe it is the Demodectic. Sarcoptic seems to be much worse. This one is very contagious. All symptoms point to Demodectic, even the pictures look the same. But now that we are using this shampoo, can the vet test to verify. We are not using the rinse. I am praying that this is the answer to the horrible last three months. And if it is, I am a bit miffed that the vet never did any tests. I even asked him if he could test her, and the vet kept saying allergies..no tests available.