Update on my son and rehab

So my last post, my difficult child was attempting an outpatient program. Unfortunately, that wasn't working. Within a week, he was reverting back to his old ways.

I wasn't doing this again. I felt I needed to get him as far away as possible. I found a placement service for rehab facilities. They did all the legwork with insurance and found a place to send him. I bought a plane ticket for the very next day and told him to pack his stuff. Surprisingly he was very cooperative. I had to pick up some things for him to take with him.

The next day my husband and I drove him to the airport and sent him on his way. He is on the other side of the country now. He has been there for almost 28 days. He was just transitioned from inpatient to outpatient. He will not be coming back any time soon.

He is doing well. His attitude his so different. He actually talks to me. I realize we all have a long road ahead of us. The separation is giving us all time to heal.

The holidays will be hard, but if this is what it takes to save his life, then so be it. He calls every couple of days. He tells me about the progress he is making. I was so nervous sending him somewhere I knew nothing about. I trusted my instincts and went with it. For now, it seems to be the right choice.

So I am cautiously optimistic that someday, I will see my son become the man I know he was meant to be before.......DRUGS!