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    I had my meeting with the Special Education teacher and the director of difficult child's new school. I think it went really well, they were very appreciative of my setting that up, and they were very honest. This school may or may not be a good fit. It really could go either way. There tends to be more business in the classroom, more cooperative group work. This could be problematic for difficult child. I think they have had too many parents think that this school is the "answer" for their kids. They asked me what my expectations were, and I honestly replied that I did not know yet. I don't. this is all new to me too. I went over difficult child's problematic areas and strengths, and we went over his classification of OHI and ED and what diagnosis's qualified him for that. They asked if he took medications(in a very non judgemental way) and I said yes, explained what he took, what it was for. I think they were kinda taken aback at his qualification of ED, but if he goes to that school they will find out sooner than later so I see no reason to hide it from them.

    I got to meet all his teachers, and they all seem good. I think I am so nervous about this. I did not even realize it. I really want him to do well at this school, as I think that a traditional middle school would be so hard for him.

    The second day of school there is a 2 day camping field trip. I was getting asked if I was going to go on that. I suggested we wait and see. They have a "move up" day next week from 9am to 11am or noonish. I am going to deliver difficult child, then leave and then go pick him up. I will base whether or not I go on how he does on move up day. The director and Special Education teacher seemed really happy with that.

    It was nice that we all seemed to be really honest with each other. It felt good. It was very hard to go over difficult child's problem areas as there are just so many of them. Then at the same time I want them to be prepared. They were concerned as the director remembered from difficult child's application that he does not wan to be at the school. There was a question on the application that was to the future student, and it said why do you want to go to our school? difficult child wrote"I don't want to go to x" I left it. I probably should have erased it, but I did not. I told them that I did not feel that at this point in his life difficult child was able to make the right decision about what was best for him. That everyone involved with difficult child thought this school was the best place for him. They asked why he did not want to go there. I said probably because it was different, and he has always felt different and did not like being different. I also said because the few friends he has are going to his home middle school. That seemed to be a good answer for them, the director commented that he agreed that difficult child probably did not know what was best for him at this time, but stressed that it may not be the right place for difficult child. I told him he is right, it may not be but it may be. We won't know untill we try. He agreed.

    I know some of this sounds kinda negative, but really I had a good feeling when I left. I think too many people have put this school on a pedestal, and that is bad for all involved. They really seemed quite accomodating, and very accepting. And boy, did that Special Education teacher take lots of notes.
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    Well, the fact that the Special Education teacher seems to be paying attention, and that they are all open to whatever his issues are and realistic that it may not work out -- I think that's all good. Like you said, you won't know until you try. That's kind of the situation we're going into next year with difficult child 2. New school, new program, but we'll never know if he can do it unless we try.

    It's good that you did this meeting up front before the school year starts. Gets everyone on board and prepared. I think you are wise to take it one day at a time and show everyone your cards. Doesn't help anyone to hold back information. The more they know, the better they'll be able to help accommodate him.

    I hope it turns out to be a good move :)