Update on son


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Just a quick update on my son , he has adjusted well to the sober living house , his sponsor has been great support to him. My son works as a clerk in a warehouse office & loves it .He has Sundays & Mondays off so he has a interview to work those days at McDonald’s as maintenance.He’s been paying his rent & attending his meetings everyday. I feel like we have grown closer , we text & talk everyday. Today they will celebrate his 30 days of sobriety. I know it’s not time yet to jump & celebrate because it’s still very early in his recovery but it’s such a great milestone! I just pray everyday he will keep pushing to get his life together & stay clean. . I know things can change in a heartbeat.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I'm soooo very happy for you and I certainly hope that he continues on this path to get his life on track!!


Sending good vibes...

Give yourself permission to be happy even if it's just for the moment. We grow so accustomed to crisis that we're always waiting for the other shoe to fall off instead of taking in a happy moment, hour or day.

Continued prayers!


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Today they will celebrate his 30 days of sobriety.
But things can change in a heartbeat to be wonderful too. So often we forget that here, when there are so many false starts and broken hearts. This is wonderful, Helpless. You've stuck by him all the way, through thick and thin, and you've never ever given up on him, not even for a minute. This is your victory too, helpless.