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    Life is on track for me and my children.
    difficult child---they one who brought me to this site years ago is doing relatively well. He still has anxiety issues and depression, but he is, after years of horrendous behavior on track to change his life. He is going to the local college and studying forestry and wildlife management. He recently quit his job---for good reasons--but found another within days. He is functional 90% of the time. He still has moments of gfgness---but they are not often and do not last for long.

    PCson is almost divorced. He is a single father every other week. He is an excellent dad and the children's mom and he work well together on co-parenting. They do family dinners several times a month, attend all school and sports functions as a unit, and work hard on putting their differences aside for the sake of the kids and it shows. My grands are awesome kids. Granddaughter told everyone this weekend that she was going to be Marie Antoinette for Halloween and say "Let 'em eat cake" She is 4---lord only knows where she came up with that one. Grandson is 7 and in 2nd grade. He is cute and smart.

    easy child daughter got married Saturday. Her husband is a great guy who works for a federal agency---yikes! I do not think he will experience any cuts since he is officially law enforcement. My daughter now has a 13 year old stepson who is 7 inches taller than she is! We love her husband and his family, and they love us.

    EXdh is well...I think he is doing better. After a fiasco of a 2nd marriage that lasted 2 weeks, he relapsed and did horribly for about a year. He has recently sobered up again and has job. I hope he can maintain for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

    Me---I'm happy as a fox in a chicken coop. I love my life and am enjoying every moment. I am positive and motivated to move into the future. My husband is my best friend. He feeds my soul and after years of yuckiness, it is nice to feel whole again.

    For those of you still on the path to happiness, believe it is out there.
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    Wonderful post everywoman. It's encouraging to read how well your kids are doing and really heartwarming about your life being so fulfilled. Congratulations!
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    Wow, Im impressed! I was worried about your ex when I heard about the fires. I hope they didnt effect him.

    Good for difficult child. That is a great job and if he can manage to get to work at the beach he will have a blast. We wanted Jamie to go into that but he chose what he is doing instead. Where he is at they also do most of the wildlife work and he is the one who gets most of the calls for that because he isnt afraid of anything.

    Im so happy for both your daughter and oldest son. Its so good when divorced parents can put their differences aside for the kids. I cant believe your daughter is already married! Sounds like your new sister in law is a great guy.

    *I really am so happy for you. Maybe one day we can meet up again. I have missed seeing you around here.
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    I'm happy for you, this is a wonderful update.
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    Very happy for you!
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    good to hear all is going well
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    Such a fantastic update EW!!!!

    It was a long haul but so glad to hear all are doing so well and that you're so happy.

    So very happy for you my friend. Hope it stays this good. :)