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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by helpangel, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Well they finally got my power back on this morning, stupid tree branch! Probably got enough soup stock made to feed this whole board - only heat was what was boiling on the gas stovetop (oven electric thermostat). Hot bones in a pan makes a nice bed warmer too.

    The good news is Houdini is finally back home after 5 days out in that mess (Michigan got a blizzard) trapping wasn't working even switching the bait every 15 minutes because kept freezing. His mother literally held him by the neck on my porch till my son could get him; hadn't seen him at all while missing thought he was gone for good. Now even with heat on can't get him out of my lap (cling on kitty or something)

    Youngest is happy got an extra week of vacation but worried because exams are next week and don't have study sheets because haven't been to school since before Christmas. The cold stunk but seeing the kids get off the electric gadgets and play boardgames, puzzles was a real treat; I think we spent more family time last weekend then we had in years.

    Oh this just gets better and better plows just did my street, corner store been out of milk and bread for 2 days will be glad to get to a real store... more later gotta go shovel plow ridge so can get to the store.

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    Soooo glad you got your power back on. :)

    Heater Buddy's are amazing things. Heat the house on either a little propane tank or one of the tanks from a propane grill (just buy the adapter). Not very expensive, around 50.00 or so depending on where you buy. Heated easy child's whole house (single floor) when her furnace stopped working.

    I keep one as well as stored propane for emergencies. I also have the gas stove........which I had to use last night to help the poor furnace out. Got a lovely roast beef and gravy out of it, as well as beef and noodles for tomorrow. lol

    I hope we're done with the arctic cold nonsense after today.
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    Thanks for the info gotta get one of those heater buddy's, if it wasn't so cold I wouldn't have minded going without power for a couple days.

    I'm tired of the cold too but I don't understand how this shut down everything and put a major "run" on certain grocery items. It's Michigan in January of course it's cold and yes there is snow; it's like they all forgot how to drive!!! One woman spent 1/2 hour in front of my house before she finally followed my advise and picked the other way out - two other choices not sure why she thought had to try to go up that steep of a hill (even the plows go down that hill not up it) ugh some people need to just give up and get a bus pass (she was one of them).

    The first 2 stores had no milk but one of them had 1 loaf of white bread left (smashed or not I bought it), the 3rd store they were unloading a milk delivery but we were grabbing it up as quick as guy could put it on the shelf and while checking out heard they had sold out of milk. I'm thinking about getting a box of that nasty powdered stuff so at least can use for cooking.

    It would be nice if it at least got warm enough to have the outside cats back outside, the only one that stayed out was Tom the Maine Coon cat (he kicked the possums out of the shelter) so I got kiki & mustache daddy fighting with Charlie all the time and gotta have the squirt bottle handy to break up fights. Charlie is so out of sorts he's even been smacking around kittens. Poor tiny is just huddled in her dog cage apartment, debating on putting Charlie in there tonight so we can get some sleep. I put the 2 outside cats in there last night with tiny & charlie in small carriers but it got really loud with us all in the kitchen. Sorry thinking out loud while typing again too much information too much information LOL

    Think Spring!!! Nancy