Update son- good news!


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Son has talked to probation about getting help , told us he was ready & tired of living on the streets .This last week has been crazy trying to get approval for him to leave but it’s done & as of now this very moment he is on plane to Teen Challenge out of state. I’m at so happy !! I hope he completes it but I’m not going to think negative, he reached out for help thats what made this time different from all the other times. This is the best Christmas ever! I hugged him & told him how much I loved him & how proud we all are .


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I am glad you received an early Christmas miracle! Keep praying, write occadional encouraging notes, but maybe give him time and space to work his program. And use this time to continue working on a program for you. Your whole family needs you. I know when I was dealing with my child's addiction, I wasn't able to be there for the rest of my family. Oh, I worked, and cooked and cleaned...but emotionally I was too fragile...

Hugs! Ksm


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Hi Helpless

This is truly great news. I will warn you that Teen Challenge is VERY VERY difficult and VERY strict. They are not allowed to have much contact with you at all but it is a good thing. They really need to focus on THEMSELVES and not what mom, dad etc. are doing.

My son begged to come home after 7 months. The program is 13 months long.

We told him that we would NOT let him come home NOR help him in any way if he did not graduate from the program.

This is where the rubber meets the road. They have heard it all before because they are former addicts.

It was tough but he did it and it saved his life.

You will have to be very hard hearted right now. He has a LONG way to go but if he does this it will help him tremendously get his head together and think of someone other than himself for a change.

Good luck.


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This sounds very promising. I just hope he isn’t trying to “Hoover” you into thinking he has changed unless he truly has. I really hope this is a turning point for him. Time will tell. It’s nice to hear happiness from you, finally, you’ve been through the wringer.


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Miracles are happening....let him do the work, support and have compassion for your son! Merry Christmas