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I haven’t posted in awhile but I do come on & read all of the posts. I just wanted to update on my son , he is still doing very good, he just got a promotion at work & we talk /text everyday .In less then 2 weeks he will get his 60 day sobriety chip & I couldn’t be more proud!! He’s been paying the rent , attending all his meetings. He also went a few times with another program to feed the homeless. He felt really good about it because he once was that person. He has run into a few problems ,but has handled it well , one guy who was new to the program was placed in my sons apartment, the guy ended up using & got kicked out but this happened when my son was at work , he stole all my sons pants, if this would of happened before my son would explode & probably be enraged , he was upset but he didn’t let it affect his mood or how he carried on that day. I pray everyday this continues & am just taking in all his accomplishments so far.


Helpless, this is wonderful news!

It sounds like your son is really committed to his sobriety program and being clear-headed has helped him improve emotionally and spiritually as well. And congrats to him on his promotion!

He has got to be feeling really good about himself and I know you are one proud mama. I will pray with you that he continues on this positive path.

Many hugs and blessings to you.

PS: Hmm….you might consider changing your moniker here! Lol


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Dear Helpless
I agree with Nandina that you need a new name! I am happy for both of you that this is going so well. He seems motivated and to be learning. What a change!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I also am so happy to hear this news. He found a good place and he was "ready" which is the most important factor here!!

It's such a struggle for them and each day is truly a blessing. Just keep loving him and supporting him as I know you do!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Oh I'm so happy for you all! I truly am. Miracles can and do happen and my son is proof even though I'm on him a lot LOL


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Remember to have a plan for when he leaves. Many addicts do well inpatient then lose it once she are suddenly out in the world where they must perform and drugs are everywhere.
Please ask about aftercare so that this is less likely to happen.
Love and hugs.