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    Heavily medicated, I was able to sleep last nite. I went to bed at 10pm (an unheard of hour for me) and fell right to sleep. I woke up around 12:30 when the medications were about to be due again. Came downstairs, got me some water, emptied the bladder and waited until time to take the medications again. At 1:30 am took medications, gave them a bit of time to work and headed back to bed.

    No coughing. If you'd heard me over the past week you'd know what miracle that was, especially with me lying down. And I just laid there. Comfortable, warm, no cough.......just couldn't drop over the edge into sleep. At 4am I got irritated and decided if I was just gonna lay there awake I could come down and study pharm. So I got up, took a potty break, smoked a cig........and was suddenly exhausted. So went back up to try to sleep again.

    husband has started to cough. He woke when I got back in bed and went downstairs. I went to sleep. I now know what the problem was.....I'm still having issue with fever especially at night. With husband in the bed (the human furnace) it was making it very hard for me to reg my body temp. Covers on my fever would spike and I'd sweat eventually, covers off and I'd freeze within mins. With husband out of the bed.....that wasn't a problem and I fell right to sleep.

    I slept until 10 am. :D I took my medications and my medications for my kidney. I no longer feel like I'm knocking on death's door. Still pale as a ghost. lol And I plan to take a nice long hot steamy bath here in a few mins cuz all that sweating last night is making me feel grimey.

    I'm going to toss in some laundry and hopefully study pharm for a few hours. I doubt I'm going to pass the exam on monday.......but I can at least not bomb it to the point where I'm embarrassed to death. I've only made it less than half way thru the 11 chapters. Tomorrow I have to start getting my stuff ready for school which starts monday. Goody.

    husband like I said is now coughing. No where near like I was when it hit me, so I dunno if he just has a cold or what. But he's carrying on like he's dying of course. After listening to him tell me the whole time I'm sick of how he's "got it too" (when he was healthy as a horse) I figure if he gets it it serves him right. Meanwhile I've hidden my good medications. Mean I know, but oh well. husband pulls the "I'm sick too" routine so that I'm forced to take care of myself even when deathly ill. :mad:

    I hope this is not an indication of the year to come. :ashamed:

    Thanks everyone for the good thoughts ect. Sleep and good medications helped me make the turn around. Thank goodness. This is one really nasty bug that hits you WHAM! No warning. You're just suddenly deathly ill.
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    Glad to hear you finally got some sleep. The hot bath will feel great! Take care of yourself!
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    So sorry I missed your initial post, Lisa. I'm so glad that you're back from the walk of the dead.

    Take care of yourself until you're fully recovered.