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    Well, as suspected the new evaluation has changed difficult child's diagnosis. difficult child still is diagnosis with mood disorder-not otherwise specified, and ADHD, but they have taken out the ODD and replaced it with Apergers.

    I now have to get a whole new IEP put in place. Luckily I have an ace in the hole on my side. difficult child's physc. clinic has a case manager that will go with me. The school has also learned NOT to mess with me. :wink:

    The BIP will probably stand as is, or just be tweeked.

    Now I get to read many books on Aspergers and I even found one for adolescents that helps them understand and cope with Aspergers.

    difficult child is also enjoying being on the swim team at her school. I was very proud of her when she overcame her fear of diving and finally went off the starting platform.(We had good help from the coaches encouraging her on diving.)

    Thats about all the news for now.
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    Hey Sara! Welcome to the Aspie Club!

    We've been dealing with it for years AND are still learning the ropes!

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    Not surprised, not one little bit.

    In your reading, you will find the name, "Tony Attwood". You will find what he has to say very encouraging.

    I remember when my reading led me to the word "Asperger's". At the time we had no diagnosis and I'd never heard of Asperger's, but I spent a lot of solid time on the computer reading, before I went back to the doctor and said, "Could it be Asperger's?"

    We found it was a label which made it easier to get help with IEPs etc, although difficult child 3's diagnosis was quickly adapted to autism. His older brother - we still had to fight to get support, but it did make the battle easier.

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    Yay for difficult child for overcoming her fear of diving...thats huge :bravo:

    I have to second "Tony Atwood"....he's awesome and if you ever get the chance to go to one of his conferences, go. He's very informative and entertaining as well. husband and I love him :smile:
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    Tony Attwood has great stuff!! Look for him to give the straight answers and info.

    WOW on the diving!!! That is wonderful, it is really hard to overcome a fear!!! It is so much more fun to fully participate, especially when the coaches are great.

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    I agree. Tony Attwood's books are very useful.
    I would also recommend any books you can find by Kevin Stoddart.

    If your difficult child likes to read, there is a book written by a teenage boy with Aspergers, called Freaks, Geeks and Asperger's Syndrome. I have read part of it and it offer's a teens perspective from "inside".

    That's great that your daughter was able to overcome her fear of diving.

    All the best,