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    Have not posted for a while so here is an update on my boys:

    C: His Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is closing June 30th. He has been there since October and placed out of our home since Memorial Day weekend 2008 for those who don't know. We have a big meeting on Friday with DCF about when he should come home. He is supposed to be discharged from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on June 26th. The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) wants C to come home. There has been some conflict in DCF about what would be in his best interest. Some believe that he would be better off transitioning home slower by going into a foster home until August 1st. His lawyer is very concerned with that because we would not even be able to see him for 3 out of those 5 weeks. I will know the plan on Friday. We have been doing weekend visits with him every weekend that have been going well besides him having a new girlfriend every weekend he is home, as well as hanging with his old crowd. The police have been harassing him already though which concerns me. He said the other weekend when he was on hubby's bike that they went over to him, asked him how he got that bike, how long he has been back in town, and told him they are watching him. I have FST (Family Stabilization Team: our state's mobile crisis services) in place for him now. Hubby and I actually did the intake with the man who will be our worker through them. He seems like an excellent fit for our family. He will begin coming 2x week next week: once on Fridays so he can work with C even before he comes home while he is here for weekend visits.

    E: He has still been mostly stable since his hospitalization back in February-March. He still has his ups and downs along with tempers, but no rages lately. He has been undergoing lots of IEE testing in the areas of neuropsychologist, Educational, and Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. I should have those results within the next 6 weeks. He continues to struggle in school without his needs being met the way that they should. We have been blessed with a new advocate who advised me to begin the mediation process so I put in that phone call today. His anxiety has been through the roof since his medication changes and his psychiatric hospital stay though because of his medication changes. His anxiety is so bad that it interferes with his life and makes him depressed because he really wants to do things but literally his body won't let him because of anxiety. Mostly though we have been seeing sunshiney days with him and true happiness for the first times in his life. I believe that I can say he is St*ble, but have heard that word is bad luck! Tomorrow we go see his psychiatrist who has been talking about lowering his Abilify due to what he believes are side effects from it: urinary + fecal incontinence without E knowing, pimply rash, and drooling. Our psychiatrist is leaving us and going back to Cali soon because his contract is ending so this may be our last visit with him. He said that Elijah will be moved on to somebody else in the practice. It was a blessing to have this psychiatrist in our lives and I hope that the next one is as good or better than he has been for E.
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    It's good to hear Elijah is doing so well. Sorry the school is providing what he needs and he is struggling there.

    Wishing you the best with C, I hope when he comes home you will see positive changes.