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I posted awhile back that my ex-husband was living with me. He is no longer living with me. His condition became too much to deal with for one person. He is currently living in a nursing home and has no memory of having been here. I cannot imagine living the nightmare of memory loss. He is only 55 years old.

My mother's birthday is today and is one year closer to 100. She has compression fractures of her lower lumbar and is in horrific pain. She has some lesions on her liver and kidney that are very small and at her age they will not do anything about them. It seems that in the past 3 months she has lost her vitality and seems very frail. She is a small woman and has enjoyed robust health almost her entire life. It is very strange to see her like this. I could not see her today because I have a severe cold.

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Oh Pasa, you have had so much on your plate. It's just heartbreaking about your ex. I agree, I cannot imagine the nightmare of memory loss. I'm sorry your mom is in so much pain.
With all you have been through I'm not surprised you have a cold.
I hope you are getting some rest and taking good care of you.

((HUGS)) and hope you feel better soon.


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Pasa, yell, scream, stomp your feet...there is NO excuse for your mother not having good pain management.

Can she be moved into hospice? She should be able to get good pain management there.

As regards your ex. I'm sorry. That just sucks. He's a couple of years younger than I am. That's one of my fears: dementia.


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Pasa, I'm sorry, it's so sad about your ex.......and your Mother too..........rest and breathe......take care of yourself......sending warm wishes and hugs.....