Updated!Complications? Reinjury? Prayers please!

Hi Family,

I am 4 1/2 weeks post microdiskectomy L4-5. For the past few days I have had major increased pain in my lower back and right leg numbness and right foot numbness. When NS office called yesterday to confirm my post-op appointment for today I told the gal in his office what was going on. She immediately got him on the phone and he is very concerned. All my numbness had gone away right after surgery, I just had the sciatic nerve "zaps" and "grabs" in the right bottock and leg. Now I am back to dragging my right leg, not being able to feel my right foot and VERY bad lower back pain.

He got me in for an MRI for Monday morning and a follow up with him on Tuesday morning, but if something more happens, I am to head to the ER immediately.

Now I am scared to death that I might have done something to undo the work he did. I am hardly able to walk again, pretty much only a few steps. NS wants me using the walker or wheelchair and NO driving or doing ANYTHING except taking my medications and resting.

Please, please say a few prayers that this is just a minor setback and I won't need to go back into surgery. NS wants home nursing here everyday till Monday and someone with me 24/7. husband is freaking out. He just left to go out of town for his uncle's funeral so now I am scrambling to find someone to come stay with me and help with the kids.

Hoping easy child 2 and his fiance' will be able to spend the afternoon and evening here and pick Jayme up from daycare. If not, her daycare provider said she would drive Jayme home and stay a while to help get things settled.

Thanks for listening, this is soooo defeating for me, the numbness is getting worse by the day as is the pain.



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Oh No Vickie!

I hope it isnt as bad as you think it is. Maybe there is just some sort of swelling going on.

Call in the troops to get you through the weekend. Can anyone take the kids for you?

Please keep us informed. I will be praying.


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I'm sorry your are in pain and having trouble again. Please rest and don't worry too much. I hope it's nothing. I will keep you in my prayers.

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Be sure to follow doctor's orders. Keeping body parts crossed and saying prayers this is just a set back due to swelling or something else minor.

Thank you to all who responded. easy child 2 was able to be here this afternoon and evening and help with dinner and the kids. husband stayed at his aunt's home to spend a little more time with his relatives. I feel so badly not going with him, he was so close to his uncle.

I am still hardly able to walk. I can't lie down for any good length of time to rest, sitting hurts, standing is out of the question. I am praying I can make it through the MRI monday lying still enough for them to get some good pics.

Anyways, just wanting to say thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers.



This really sucks. I'm sorry you are experiencing this.

I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Update as soon as the doctors know more please.


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I hope you are able to get compfortable.I am sending hugs and prayers your way.I know all to well what you are dealing with Ive been dealing with the lower back pain,numbness in the right leg and foot for 4 years now somedays its so hard.
I hope all goes well with your MRI on monday I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers ...
Take Care ...Cassie


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Must be awful to not be comfortable sitting or laying down...how about inversion therapy like Rosie O'Donnel? Hope Monday brings some answers and relief....hold on....


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Oh geez Vickie. I wish I lived closer and could help out. I'm so sorry. I'm definitely sending good thoughts.



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Vicki, How are you feeling? Did I miss an update on your tests you had Monday? Hope it was good news and you got some rest.... :bath:

Hi all. Had a miserable night last night and a pretty bad day. The MRI yesterday was pretty uncomfortable but tolerable.

Had the follow up appointment with NS today, just got home in fact. He said the MRI looks pretty normal "for a messed up back"! He did the usual pokes and prods and concluded that I need to stay on all my medications, and get up and walking more. Add more exercises and I got the ok to start swimming at PT! Yippee!!

I will see him in a month and if there isn't a vast improvement in my pain level, he will refer me for an epi injection. If that doesn't work, I will be looking at another surgery, a fusion this time.

I am determined to get as active as possible without hurting myself, I REALLY don't want another surgery.

So, that's the update, at least on film my back is ok.

Thanks for asking about me!!!



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Glad to hear that you got some good news! Sounds like you are having severe spasms. Moving around is a good way to loosen up.