Validation Can Be Such A Good Thing

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    This is an update on Nichole's hypermobility of her joints among other symptoms.

    Turned out that the blood tests the NP ordered came back with elevated blood sugar. It was 121 although Nichole hadn't eaten that morning. So we got called for her to get back in to see the doctor asap. She had her appoint this morning.

    Since it was blood sugar, and Nichole has always had issues with blood sugar we decided to go ahead with new fam doctor. I didn't want her waiting lord knows how long til she could get in to see the reg fam doctor.

    This doctor came into the room stating asking what the problem was we had with the NP. We corrected him right away and said we were there due to the high blood sugar, not really because of the NP.

    Well, he said he'd like to hear why we'd seen her anyway. So we told him about the unusual stretch marks that are still traveling down her limbs, and showed him the hypermoblilty of her joints, describing the popping sounds when she moves and how painful it is, also how her hips slide out of socket and such. He tested her joint mobility and was amazed at it. HA! Looked at the stretch marks and commented how they shouldn't be showing up where they are.

    He also thinks we may be dealing with a connective tissue disorder. And is hunting down a ruematologist that welfare insur will cover. He doesn't believe it's Mefan's syndrome as Nichole is not tall and thin so doesn't fit the physical characteristics for it.

    But doctor is both eager and anxious to find out just WHAT disorder it is.

    Then since I hadn't let Nichole eat or drink before the appoint he had her blood sugar tested again before we left. Again it's 121. He gave her a pamphlet about diabetes and told her to elimate all sugar from her diet, to avoid white flour and pasta. And told her he wants to check her blood sugar again in 3 mos but to not to hesitate to come in if she thinks she needs to before then.

    About the blood sugar....He didn't specify if he believes she's pre-diabetic or type II. I know I should've asked, but he was going on so over the joints and connective tissue thing that any questions concerning that didn't register in my brain til on the way home. :slap: And the medication asst caring for Nichole kept behaving as if the diagnosis of diabetes had already been made. Nice lady with 3 diabetic kids of her own.

    So much for NP's diagnostic abilities or opinions. :rofl: I had the feeling she's going to be talked to over this.

    Now I get to add hyperglycemia to Nichole's list of dxes.

    I feel so much better. And I'm beginning to wonder if there is a job description in the medication field as just simply a diagnostitian?? I seem to be rather gifted in this area. lmao
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    Validation is good! And it is nice this doctor is paying more attention now. I hope they figure out what the problem is. At least the diabetes is something she can begin to improve.
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    In your face NP!!! Although it is awful that Nichole has to deal with something else, good for you!!!