Vent 1 about school 504 meeting (Little Dude)

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    Little dude had his initial conference already and was slated to have his placement conference a month and a half ago but it was canceled 20 minutes before the meeting because a guy (who wasn't even there for the first one) was sick and couldn't make it. This guy apparently is only available 1 day a month and he is in charge of all 504's in this school (not sure if it's more then school as I forget this moment).

    So I've been waiting all this time for them to contact me with the rescheduled date/time. This morning I get a call from the guidance counselor (she is covering for the normal one who is out on maternity leave) at 9:15A. Can I come to the 504 meeting at 10A:confused: HUH?Ummm NO! I'm sorry but our para professional isn't available today (she is never available on Tuesday's) and this is short notice besides which (didn't say that to her). She had apparently also called at 8:50 and left a voice mail but I was taking difficult child's to bus stop and then she immediately had called SO, who called me immediately after her call at 9:15 to tell me) who had nothing to do with the meeting.

    Well this guy only has 1 day a month to do this on and it's so hard to schedule the conference, I don't know what we're going to do (her saying this). I said I'm sorry but you'll have to give me a date and time and I will get with para professional and see if she can do it. She usually has an open schedule except for Tuesdays. It's me who often has the busy schedule but if I know in advance I can work it out (too many doctor appointments).

    Now let me go backwards, she was saying the "initial meeting". This isn't inital, we already had that and it was agreed upon that we would go with 504 over IEP since he wasn't quite in need of the IEP yet. Doe she not even read the papers?

    Ok this rant is over, see #2 to see more interaction with this woman in a different way.