Vent - watch out ladies, I'm hormonal!

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I was cleaning the kitchen earlier this afternoon. husband comes running out of his office to help. I looked at him, apparently with a question on my face.

husband said that I've been so hormonally emotional of late, that he felt he'd better pitch in or he'd end up in the hospital again.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I had to walk away. husband later told me that he wouldn't have been admitted to the psychiatric ward if I hadn't been so reactive. Again, I had to walk away...

You all know what it takes to get a 72 hour hold at the hospital; what symptoms & actions need to be present, especially for an adult. This wasn't a game or a hormonal mood swing.

I'm so glad that we have an appointment with marriage therapist tomorrow. AND I bet my mood will have swung to a whole other universe by tomorrow & I'll admit that I overreacted, as did the psychiatrist, SWs & ER doctor.

Nothing in our household to be emotional about anyway.

Geez..... :tears: :hammer: :smile: :rofl: /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif Here's a mood swing for you! :rofl:


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Men! They can be inconciderate, ignore a request a hundred times, demand the world but as soon as we get a little exasperated BAM they use the "harmonal get out of jail free" card. It really ticks me off! -RM


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My husband accused me of "being hormonal" not to long ago. I told him if he were smart and really believed that he would be circling the date on next month's calendar so he could be better prepared.
It threw him off his game, to say the least. :rofl:
I hope your husband accepts that his hospital stay was necessary and not bother trying to find someone to blame. {{{Hugs}}}

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If husband would like to deal with someone who is really hormonal, tell him he can give me a call. I'm bipolar and right smack in the middle "moody" stage of menopause. :wildone: :smile:

Now that's hormonal. :rofl:

If my husband thought I was being moody, he's smart enough usually to keep his distance, as do the kids, and even the dogs. Since menopause struck I don't take prisoners.

Seriously though, N would do this to other people too. It was hard for her to accept she has a disorder that she can't really control. Heck it can be hard for anyone sometimes. husband was admitted because he needed to be there.


Now I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of those bumper stickers Janet mentioned...


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Another sign to hang up in the kitchen so he won't use the "hormonal" label too lightly again - it's a picture of a strung-out cat, saying "I have PMT and a hand-gun - ANY QUESTIONS?"

My response to a comment like that - "So you LIKE the idea of sleeping on the couch for the next five years?"

or, "If I'm hormonal, what's your excuse? At least it means I'll be back to normal next week."

Or a variation on Winston Churchill's response to Lady Astor, who accosted him one day and loudly exclaimed, "Mr Churchill! You are drunk!"
He fixed her with his eye and said, "Madam, you are ugly. You are very ugly. In the morning I shall be sober."



I *hate* that line from men. Especially cause not one has ever said it when I actually WAS hormonal. It's such a cop out. So my response is always, "No, I'm not. I'm just a [female dog]. Deal with it."


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husband is probably feeling guilty about what happened to him and is looking for someone to blame.

Like life isn't tough enough around your house lately.

I say you will need to understand where this is coming from and take steps to guard your own self-concept.

Let husband rattle on.

Journal through it.

Do whatever you have to do to stay healthy and to put his comments into perspective ~ just don't buy into it.

Maybe have lunch with a friend.

I am sorry, Linda.


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"If I'm hormonal, what's your excuse? At least it means I'll be back to normal next week."

[/ QUOTE ]

That's my usual comeback. Oh, if only men could be women for about 6 would probably only take one, but they deserve a certain level of penance. :smile: How DO we do it?? :warrior:

Hand in there, at least YOU know his hospital stay had nothing to do with you hormones! :hammer: Jeesh is right.

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I'm over my over the top hormonal mood swings! Actually, other than periods of grief/sadness over my mother I felt I had been pretty stable.

Having said that, I'm glad the husband & I have a therapist appointment together today. I'm not going into this appointment with an attitude - defensive or otherwise. This isn't about proving right or wrong.

I'd like suggestions & coping strategies for both of us to more fully communicate. I'd like ideas when I see husband spiraling on how to get help with-o it escalating to the need for hospitalization.

I'm hoping husband will trust me enough to express that his medications may need tweaking; that he will come to a level of acceptance of his diagnosis, as he has of his chemical dependency issues.

In the meantime, husband has several job interviews lined up this week. He looks good - so please keep a good thought.

Thanks for the responses ladies - if you ever need to "mood swing" in a hormonal way, I'm here for you.


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I loved reading the replies and how The Sisterhood gathers around when one of "us" is wounded. Honestly, some of the responses had me giggling. Just bring up the word "hormonal" and watch us react. You want hormonal??? GAWD..thundering herds of women will show him hormonal. :hammer:

Linda, after the last few years/months/days the fact that you are still standing is remarkable.

I'm sending good thoughts for your appointment and for husband's job search.

I wish I could send you a ticket to Tahiti for a few days, too. Alone. To meet Raoul. :smile:


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Suz, more than meeting Raoul, a few rounds of golf would help. How about you & I heading down & hitting all the golf courses? It's too darned cold here to even venture out to the golf dome to hit a bucket of balls. *

I love the Sisterhood's response as well. Thanks lady!


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Linda, I'll dust off my clubs. A week in Tahiti would be perfect! I'm happy to join you as long as you don't laugh at my swing :blush:!-lol


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Suz, I have respect for any & all golfers! The only person I chuckle at is my older brother - he's so darned serious that it's funny.

So when do we leave???? :rofl: