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    We did not go to my parents for Mother's Day yesterday because gfgbro was there once Mom was home. We spoke and made plans to go over at six or so tonight. husband came home shaken up a bit, and so it was five min after when we pulled up.

    My parents were both asleep. The dog barked because she doesn't know us (I have only seen her once because every time I want to go over my gfgbro is there and has left a message letting me know he is trying to force me to interact with him or not see my parents. They don't believe me, think I made it up from the coincidence of him being there every time we go over.)

    Anyway, my dad came out and gave us each a hug and we left. I left his birthday gift (a really COOL sculpture of a knight in armor made of metal), my niece's easter basket (nothing big), and my mom's mother's day gift.

    It was just very odd. I know my mom wanted us to come over. She ahs been having a lot of back pain and gets very tired, but she picked the time for us to come over. I hope she is just resting after a busy weekend with an estate sale, but I am a bit worried.

    Is it bad that I am a bit upset? I really want to spend time with my mom and dad, and so do my kids. I thought she had accepted that we won't be around gfgbro. Maybe I was wrong and this is one way she is telling me taht if we won't see him we won't see her??

    For now I am chalking it up to being forgetful and tired. It still kind of hurts.
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    I don't know what to think. Is she seen by others elsewhere? I'm assuming your parents are getting up there in years? My great aunt got ill both physically and mentally when she hit her late 70's early 80's. She didn't come out of the house at all. Some people - including her dying only child - she wouldn't see at all. Some strangers she let into the house. When my great uncle had a stroke she was horribly vulnerable and ended up getting ripped off by the neighborhood felons, and dying alone and frightened. The good neighbors knew all about what was going on, moreso after the stroke, but they knew she was loopy before hand.

    If I were you I'd do a subtle welfare check on her with neighbors, fellow church members, family friends, anyone who might tell you that they have noticed that things have changed. They may assume that you know, or they may assume that you are waiting to swoop in and take advantage yourself. She or your brother may have told them that. If what you hear is not what you should be hearing (she's peeved and can get over it in time) you can consider what if any your next step will be. My great uncle covered for my great aunt very well. They were terrified of a nursing home. It only took the neighbors 3 weeks to clean them out.
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    I don't think it would hurt to do a subtle welfare check. And I'd call her tomorrow to see if she's feeling ok.

    Does seem a bit odd. But if she had a busy weekend and is not feeling well.......not too surprising she went to bed even with expected company. Odd thing is you'd think she'd have called you.
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    Or he would call you.
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    hey just sending hugs, hope she is ok. did you call?