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    I'm watching Dr. Phil about this very violent little boy. Apparently he started about 3 or 4yo killing a fish with a knife. Then the grandmom bought him a gerbil, which he killed in the MW. So she got him mice and a hamster- all he killed. And now they have a cat in the home. And now he is threatening to kill his mom. Now I realize the focus needs to sttay on what to do for this boy and keeping everyone's safety- but really- what idiot keeps bringing pets into a home with a person of any age there killing everyone of them?

    That's dumber than thinking that if you keep providing alcohol to an alcoholic, they eventually won't be an alcoholic anymore.

    And the same grandmother who has been providing these pets is the one who brought this to the show saying she's afraid he's going to be another Jeffry Dahmer. Rightly so, but quit giving him animals to start with- at least spare them.
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    Wow- Dr. Phil recommends a multi-faceted evaluation- after all pets are removed from every home he stays in. And he doesn't just mean the typical MDE. He's saying they also need to check for heavy-metal toxicity, neurological testing, and a brain scan and everything. Then, he says if that doesn't reveal something clear with a good treatment plan in place very soon, that the kid should be institutionalized within the next two years. True, this kid has done a lot of violent things and is only 10yo but I was surprised that Dr. Phil is saying that is the only option.
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    If he's 10 and he can't stop killing things and expressing an interest in killing people, I'm not so sure I don't agree.
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    Yeah, me too. It just seemed that normally psychiatrists and tdocs try a zillion things first before reaching that conclusion. The poor mother looked like she was going to faint or have a nervous break down when Dr. Phil said this.
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    Wow. I am pretty sure i agree that if he cannot be greatly helped in the next couple of years then he will need to be institutionalized. Hopefully it won't be the case but some people just cannot be reached. So much killing so young must be terrifying to live with.

    Why are the parents permitting anyone to give him pets? Give him one of those beepy tamawhatchmacallits. the electronic pet that had to be fed every few hours? Those won't bleed when he hurts them! Maybe the adults who keep giving him pets and the adults who allow it to happen need to be institutionalized too. Do they know enough to not stand out in the rain with their faces up and mouths open?