Voices in her head


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Kanga is calmer this morning. She said the voices were screaming at her in her head yesterday. This is the first time there has been more than one voice :frown:

She is also having flashbacks to the abuse in birthhome and foster home #2 :frown:

Anyone have experience with this.


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I don't have any experience with this, but I imagine you should speak to her psychiatrist this morning. I'm sorry, I know your heart is aching.


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So sorry she's having to go through all of this. Can't say we've had that type of issue here but I can't help but wonder. Has anything happened recently that could be a trigger? I know that anything can trigger...sound, smell, etc. but has anything out of the ordinary happen? Do you live near any of these people? Could she have possibly seen someone out and about or maybe seen someone who looked like one of these people?

Hope things quiet down soon and she (as well as the rest of the family) gets through this latest. Poor thing. Sending hugs to you all.

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Real familiar with this in kt. Last spring before her 2 hospitalizations & subsequent Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement, we were having a lot of the voices & flashbacks, combined with dissociative states.

During hospitalization kt's medications & stablization were the high priority. Also documentation of the dissociative behaviors were noted.

Once the medications were tweaked & kt was "no longer a danger" to herself, Residential Treatment Center (RTC) worked & continues to work with kt on coping strategies, expressing her feelings & fears using words versus behaviors, etc.

JJJ, when difficult child is in this high level of anxiety there is a need for you to be calm. You must do your best to keep your difficult child connected, centered on the here & now. Even if through a gentle touch on the shoulder, using a calm voice, singing quietly, sitting close to difficult child while in this state of anxiety. As a parent it's difficult to watch your child relive trauma & abuse.

Another thought - do you have a dog? Our dog Sally has been trained to sit close to kt when she is dissociative. It's very calming for her - many times more helpful than my being there. We're looking into a service dog for kt.

Keeping you & difficult child in my thoughts & prayers


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JJJ, it's heartbreaking that this child has to live through all the ugliness and through the toll over and over. I'm sorry for her and for you.
I agree with Linda about a gentle reinforcement of reality. A calm touch and a soothing voice. Hard I know when they are in a rage but she needs an anchor to which she can spin around while in such a state.
I hope today is a better day for her. :frown:

I am so sorry this is going on for your difficult child. I agree wholeheartedly with Linda. I find, when Aly is at her most agitated, anxious, just sitting by her (hugging her if she wants that) and either talking quietly or reading a calm story book helps Aly so much. I am learning not to show my panic and anxiety, calm ME first then I can help Aly calm down.

Also totally agree with the dog theory. Aly will just hug onto our Boxer and, lucky for us, our Boxer is super calm during these episodes.

The other thing that has helped Aly is horses!!! Horse care, riding, reading about them, watching The Saddle Club, etc. Aly has a real affinity for horses and thankfully my sister has several very calm ponies that she can brush and take care of to her heart's content.

I know there is an organization called "HandiRiders" that specialize in horse therapy. We have one closeby, but since my sister lives semi-closeby, we utilize her ponies instead.

When Aly has voices, we have given her permission to yell at them to go away. Sometimes this works, others not so much.

Anyways, I pray that your difficult child will get some relief soon!



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Hopefully she will stabalize soon, I'm sure this is very frightening for you both. I'm sorry she is so tramatized, it must be heartbreaking.


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my difficult child 2 has a dissociative disorder and she has multiple voices that scream in her head. They fight with each other and she says they get frantic when they feel threatened. She is working on integrating them and getting to know them and they don't like that. She also has flashbacks to abuse by her sister, can be very disturbing.


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We had a good session with the therapist. The psychiatrist wasn't in tomorrow but we'll see her on Thursday. Kanga talked about how the voices in her head try to convince her that I am the same woman who beat her when she was little (a former foster mom). She did tell the therapist that she doesn't want to move away.

I'm following slsh's advice and have a request in for an application for our state's grant program for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and other services.

She's asleep right now, but of course, I have to wake her up to go get the littles from school!