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difficult child # 2 is now on day 3 of Vyvanse. So far, so good. I haven't seen any negative effects (yet--fingers crossed). I am only giving him half a pill and we dissolve it in water. He doesn't like the "taste" but that's too bad...He's back to playing his clarient. He said tonight...look mom at my homework--it's so neat and I got it all done at day care. He said he didn't have too much homework--some kids have reading homework, but he finished it in class--

This the first time we are trialing a stimulant. I've been very hesitant becuase of our family history of tourette--Our psychiatrist said we could trial the stimulant--we'd know very soon if it works, however, he actually wrote us a prescription to start trileptal....he thinks this is what we will most likely need--
The p-doctor says he's a complex kid, just like his brother--and will most likely need a cocktail of medications--

I being very cautious--things have been very up and down in our family with difficult child 2(It was just last week I had to officially make him a difficult child.


I'm glad to hear so far so good. I started my difficult child on Celexa about 10 days ago now and I haven't seen any negative side effects. Plus, I *may* actually be seeing a wee bit of an improvement in the anxiety but I'm not sure yet. I wish you the best!


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Three days is a big deal! How wonderful it would be to find the key help quickly.

I know we have the same faith, so I hate to sound too hokey but may the new year be off to a good start for the boys and you guys. May the year be happy and HEALTHY.

By the way, I have had to have a meeting about my easy child.
She is not off to a great start. No problem with academics but socially. The teachers describe her as too talkative, bossy, exhibiting too much "adult" behavior (things like organizing where kids sit, trying to talk to the teacher and rabbi as if she is part of the adult decision making scene, etc.) She has had fusses with other students and at home we see the same stuff. I keep in the back of my mind am I missing some difficult child stuff with her. I think more of her issues are things because of our difficult child. she really never had a chance to be a young girl. She never really had friends because of him and because we have moved so many times. Anyway, my thoughts go on and on but the point of this is I feel the stress from both kids now too.

Hope work is off to a good start.

Continued good luck with vyvanse,
Bugsy's mom