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    Anyone have any experience with Vyvanse? difficult child started it on Monday for ADHD. He has tried so many stimulants with no luck whatsoever. Mainly, all he's ever gotten out of them was a bunch of horrible side effects.
    His new psychiatrist (courtesy of the psychiatric hospital he was in last month), decided he'd like to try one more stimulant.
    He is also taking Risperdal for hallucinations and delusions.
    just curious to see what others were saying about this medication.

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    Vyvanse works well for my older difficult child 2. He is also on lamictal. He takes a very low dosages only 20 mg and he's been on the same dosage for 1 1/2 years. He was mainly put on it for sustained attention and some hyperactive issues. I don't see rebound issues. He isn't hungry during the day, but eats late in the evening and has a good breakfast. I think at higher dosages, it would make him cranky/irritable.

    How long has been on the risperdal? I think you need to be careful to make sure that the risperdal is at an appropriate dosage and monitor it for side effects before you start the vyvanse.
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    No advice, as I don't know anything about the drug, but crossing fingers it works for you.