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    We and daughter in law's parents accompanied easy child son 1 and daughter in law to a "4D ultrasound" imaging studio. wife and daughter in law's mom are head-over-heels about this first grandbaby for them and first that will be raised by its own parents for us.

    So we saw some pretty amazing ultrasound pictures of the little guy.

    At one point, there was a very clear shot of one of the hands with the middle finger raised! Of course everyone dissolved in laughter.

    I said, "Wait until he's 15 and it won't be so funny."

    The grandmothers-to-be are already deciding what physical features remind them of which ancestor ("he has Aunt Clo's lips!"). I can't even distinguish who they look like for the first several years after they're born, let alone two months before. It's a talent women have, I suppose.
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    Awww! Congrats on the new grandbaby!!

    The first is always special..........then you discover they're all just as special......and eventually you have to scale down the spoiling so you don't break the bank. I have grandbaby #8 due in August......I have scaled down quite a bit, but I still spoil rotten. lol

    Both my girls wanted to do the 4D ultrasounds......both wound up not doing them for one reason or another. Normal ones revealed enough. I knew one had chubby cheeks at 20 wks. And only Aubrey remained a surprise sex wise until birth.

    I've attended the births of all but 2 of them. Don't know if I'll make it to the birth of the new one or not. But it's nice to be there to welcome them when they come into the world, in my opinion it creates and extra strong bond.

    So when is your new lil grandson due to arrive??
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    Can I ask what on earth a "4D" ultrasound is? I understand what 2 dimension pics are (photographs basically), and that 3 D is supposed to show a more lifelike image, but 4 D????? We only have 3 dimensions, or so I was taught in science classes.

    I ran across this the other day when looking at the website for a facility that does mammograms. they offer a bunch of packages for ultrasounds of babies - even one package that starts at $500 for the mom to be and 5 others to have a full fledged bridal shower complete with an ultrasound as the highlight of the event.

    When I was preg with each of my kids I was warned that there is a possibility that the ultrasound could contribute to hearing problems. Is that not the thinking now? The place that had all the "packages" for ultrasounds even had an option for a MONTHLY ultrasound - not at docs orders, just for the family.

    Anyway, now that I hae shown my confusion, on to the fun stuff.

    Congratulations on the new Grandbaby!!! They sure look like a LOT of fun and I hope that this child is a blessing and a delight every single day. As for looking like she has Aunt Whosie's lips, well, at least she didn't get my aunt R's disposition and tushie!
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    Congratulations. Such a blessed joy when all is well with a precious event such as the birth of a child. -RM
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    Susie, the 4d ultrasounds are pretty much amazing...its like looking at a black and white photo of a picture instead of the blurred outline the old ultrasounds show you. You can really see physical features, hair, etc...not just that they're there.