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difficult child has been doing so good lately (knock on wood) he is working 2 jobs, staying out of trouble, taking all of his medications and paying rent to us weekly without complaint.
He has a nice girlfriend, they do normal stuff, see movies, mini golf eat out and watch movies at home alot.
He spends alot of time with her family, they take him out to dinner and give him tomatoes from the garden and really seem to care about him.
Today he went to NY city with her family to spend the day shopping and going to dinner at some fancy restaurant.

I was thinking to myself today how nice it is, how nice to see him living like a normal everyday citizen. I hope it lasts.

One bad thing that is happening that isnt really his fault, he had a minor and when I say minor I mean no damage to my car at all, accident, a car in front of him stopped short when I school bus put out the stop sign thingy that they put out when letting kids off the bus, he swerved to avoid slamming into her and clipped the corner of her bumper. I was on vacation in PA, he called me right away while he was still there and told me what happened and asked what to do. I told him to exchange papers and make sure no one was hurt, he said they didnt speak english.
There was no damage to my car or theirs so I thought nothing of it. Now a month later my insurance co is calling to say they have lawyers and are injured!!! They are also saying there were 3 adults in the car and 2 kids, difficult child told me that there was only 1 adult and 2 kids. She is suing me!!! I cant believe how people can get away with this stuff. Now difficult child's driving record is going to be even more damaged, he practically is uninsurable as it is with his history and the one time he really shouldnt be punished is the worst time. My insurance company said they will get away with it because we cant prove who was in the car. she had a scrape on her bumper her estimate was 900 to repair and paint it 500 of that is labor and she is going to tell me that was bad enough for 3 adults to be so injured they need a lawyer!!

All I know is for now my difficult child is a easy child and I am proud of him.


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Hard lesson learned for difficult child. ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE for an accident to file a report. Like my stepdad used to say "cover your :censored2:" No matter how "minor" it seems.

I learned this lesson at age 6 when my stepdad rear ended a car at an intersection. Both the car he hit and we were barely creeping forward. Not so much as scratched either car. People he hit were claiming whiplash at the scene. Cops filed a report. Stepdad was covered and won.

I'd be pretty darn mad at my insurance co for not fighting this when there wasn't even damage to your car.

But these things happen to everyone. Still a great update. :bravo: Hope difficult child keeps moving forward.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">All I know is for now my difficult child is a easy child and I am proud of him. </div></div>

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:



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I am so glad your son has moved up to easy child. He has come a very long way. Please let him know how proud his board aunties are of him. He has overcome a fierce battle. How nice that he has a nice girlfriend, and they do normal things together. You must be out of you mind with pride.

My husband rear ended a car very lightly many years ago. The guy he hit,got out of the car and helped my husband lift my husband's bumper back up. Months later, our insurance company got sued for this mans neck injury. So I guess this must happen all of the time. Too bad it leaves another blemish on your sons record.


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I'm so glad to hear he is doing well. Your difficult child and mine seem to be on the same path right now. Mine also has a wonderful girlfriend that he does normal stuff with. She has been such a positive influence in his life that I really believe she is an angel sent to him when he really needed it.

I agree with always calling the police, no matter how small an accident seems. difficult child hit someone years back and luckily he called the police because the women tried to sue also but didn't get away with it because nothing she said coincided with the police report.