was it moms to docs day today?

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    LOL, I just read susiestars post about the endocrinologist. I sure hope things get on a good track, susiestar.
    As I posted in GM thread, I went to court early this morning to follow the case of the creep that molested my easy child years ago....they FINALLY set a trial date! The whole thing began back in 98 and 99.......school knew, and DCFS knew but no arrest was made until 2005. 6 victims. it has been dragging since then......it is so disheartening.
    ANyway, trial is finally tobegin next month.
    From there I headed out on my 2 hour trip to my rheumy, simple follow up, I go every 3 months. I was nervous becuz it is right on one of the flooded rivers in one of the towns that got hit hard the other day with rain and floods. The news had not made it very clear how the roads were there for today, thankfully they were not underwater really......just a few very wet spots today. doctor is giving up reduceing the steroids for now.....my labs have been good, and I am not doing bad at all, especially considering I could not do my last 2 shots becuz of upper respiratory infection...which he says is coming along nicely, YAY. He did comment to me to not shovel heavy snow, tho. Ha, as if I can get by without doing it? If I dont I will slip and fall and break my neck. So- he gave me a new brace for my elbow.
    I thought the exercise was good......if I am careful.well, he does not like it.
    I was happy to see my weight has stayed off.

    ANd then.as I usually do when I go to my rheumy.....I stole the rest of the day for just ME. It is in a more busy area than where I live.....LOTS of stores.......if I am feeling crummy, I use the stores scooters (I packed mine away, YAY) but lately I have felt great so I can simply walk around, YAY>
    SO I shopped for the baby shower......and hit some after christmas sales.for next christmas, and for now, too.....I had a 2 yr old gift card, I finallly used.....mother that I am, I bought stuff for my kids, LOL, I did not see much that interested ME personally. But I had fun, being by myself, wandering. Then I realized it was dinnertime and I had skipped brkfst and lunch........so--I stopped at a Dennys that has sentimental interest for me.....my kids hate Dennys......LOL.and I had a taste for breakfast so.I had breakfast.

    My silly kids and husband....this is my routine for my doctor day......and I reminded each of them last nite and left them a note this morning......but they still called me just when my food was served, they wanted to know what I was makeing for dinner......I giggled and said well, I'm not....I'm at Dennys. After I ate, I went to MORE stores.
    I did not bring my self home until midnite. LOL. The kids got a kick out of that..oh mom stayed out half the nite, painting the town. well, the house shows that I was not here all day. :-( and tmorrow I go with easy child to her doctor appointment.

    The doctor is the one time my kids do not beg me to take them with me. I am so glad. It is kinda nice to have the car radio to myself. Me getting to pick what I want to eat and when........and being able to shop without saying NO every 4.5 seconds. Actually I do a LOT of "window shopping"

    But, yes, now I am more than ready for sleep.
    It sure feels good to me, to finally have things here settled enough that my doctor appts are no big deal......and neither are sons. I sure hope that stuff is all behind us for good, now.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad you had a nice day all to yourself -- and especially that the doctor visit went well :)

    Sometimes we just need time on our own (as I declared myself tonight), time to hear our own thoughts in our head, or not have any thoughts at all.

    I'm sorry about what happened to your easy child and that you're having to relive it all through the trial process. I hope it concludes quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. That must be a horrible thing to go through.