wathing the phone like it's a ticking bomb



Just that "he hates his class" however the male aide is 6'1 and about 375 pounds, so hopefully difficult child II won't "go there", but it won't shock me of he does. It's all boys, 4th and 5th graders. I am guessing BOE did not want to pay 1/2 million for out of district placement on these kids, so they pitched them into this "new trial program", but we will see, I am trying to be optimistic, but his reaction the 1st day was discouraging


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He's 16 with 9 and 10 year olds? That doesn't sound right (or smart) at all! No wonder he's miserable!


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It is her 10 year old difficult child (difficult child II) that is in the class with 9 and 10 years old.



I thought I was the only one whose heart sank every time the phone rang.

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{{{guest3}}} Sending lots of hugs. I have felt the same way most school years. Now I only cringe when difficult child is out and it's after curfew. Hang in there. It is difficult for these kids to be in a 'special' class that makes them stick out like that. difficult child hated hers - it was called 'resource room' but everyone knew it was for Special Education kids. She really really hated that. In retrospect I sometimes wonder if placing her was a disservice, but alas, it is what it is and there's no going back now; she needed the extra help and that's where it was offered.

Hopefully as your difficult child settles into his new school year, he will focus less on this aspect of his day. Hugs.
I understand phone phobia well. It comes from too many calls that bring bad news. I cringe everytime our phone rings and I usually let the anwering machine pick it up first just to prepare myself for the situation at hand. With difficult child on one side, easy child away at school with ever changing needs (usually for some new financial support) , and my aging Mom insisting on living on her own hours away from us....it feels like a constant spining of the "Wheel of Mis-Fortune" :smile:

Teenagers always want to be "just like" their peers - although they always feel like they are real rebels. LOL. Being different in any way creates tremendous stress for them. I hope that your difficult children can reach some point of balance with their challenges. I do think that the adults at school should/can assist them with this. It's a process for sure.


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count me in on the phone phobia. also doorbell phobia..lol
in fact, I dont want to be contacted at all... lmao

I used to say the school had me on speed dial. I got so many calls. ant got good at erasing the answering machine before I got home too. so even now occasionally I still check messages from work and have a voice mail service password protected.

I am glad your rap star went to school and did not drop out.