We got an appointment with the neuropsychologist doctor

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    Finally...woot! difficult child appointment is Oct 13th for the first part and Oct 30th for the testing. What do I need to know or do to help this process out? I have just started the Parent's report and am trying to get the info from the doctors, school, etc is there anything that I should or shouldn't put in to the report? I am afraid that I will put too much information in there, is that possible? Any input would be great.

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    The more info the better. I have a 3 ring binder that I keep everything in related to difficult child. IEP's, tests, list of medications, dr's addresses and phone and fax numbers, daycare reports, etc. I typically photocopy and hand over the packet. Good luck!
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    Find out how long the tests will be. It should be six hours at least. We had two neuropsychologist evaluations. One was about four hours and not very intensive (nor very helpful). The second was 10 hours in two hour increments. That neuropsychologist was fantastic. My son got much better after seeing him and it's been a steady ride up the hill.
    Our neuropsychologist gave us things to fill out. He didn't want anything else because he didn't want any bias. I think it's best not to bring up any diagnosis. that YOU think your child may have. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the advice...difficult child evaluation is going to take 8 hours we are going to be there for 9 hours and then have a half an hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks.

    MidwestMom, Now the other psychologist that saw him didn't really diagnose anything just sent a letter saying that he had found some attention issues and a little depression. Should I sent this along with the rest of the stuff?? or not because he really didn't find anything more then I already knew.
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    Our neuropsychologist wanted to have his own opinion and didn't want to see what anyone else diagnosed, but ask him.
    That's a lot of neuropsychologist testing. Sounds like a good, thorough evaluation planned. I recommend bringing stuff to amuse him in between breaks. We did our ten hours in two hour increments. My son could not have held up testing for that long at one time.
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    If you find a good Nuero-psychiatric they can be wonderful! Our testing was around 10-12 hours. We did short testing 1 1/2 hours and came back a lot! K could not sit still for very long then... she was unmedicated during testing.
    We did not have any of our reports and such at the time. Now I have a huge binder plus videos. He did fine with just our input and K's. They should have you fill out tons of paperwork and test and lots of interview questions. husband and I talked to our doctor for almost 4 hours.
    Ours also did continued help if we needed it. He set up a plan for what he thought we needed and where to find it, and how he could help or his clinic could help.
    Good luck. This was amazing for us...
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    Thanks for all the advice...I have made phone calls and am getting records for both of the kids...just because I don't want to have to go through it all again when a lot of the stuff is at the office that I am calling difficult child 10 anyways..so I might as well get one together for difficult child 16 while I am at it.

    I am having some problems from the school system, for some reason they aren't wanting to give me the records only send them to doctor's?? I don't know, but I have put in a call to the school board, so I will wait and see what happens with that.

    Most of the places that I have called don't want to send me any records at all...this is getting a bit frustrating!