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  1. Shari

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    Not sure I've ever seen anything so....sad.

    It has a 1 paragraph summary that includes his diagnosis of a head injury, seizure disorder, ADHD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), and possibly ODD. "Family reports bipolar and attachment disorder." And some questions as to Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or not, with 3 more sentences about the maybe/maybe not diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Nothing about sensory issues, processing problems, dyslexia...nada. Then 2 pages of an antecedent, behavior, consequence chart that only include observations about the teacher, no times or durations of any behaviors (ps she observed for 2 hours.) NOTHING positive is noted from anyone.

    The functions of his behavior take up 4 lines. He avoids classroom tasks. H ehas low frustration level and refuses directives, and he escalates until he receives attention.

    And 6 suggestions that take up 3/4 of a page.
    1)Visual schedule - with 8 sentences on how to let him pick choices of desired and non-desired activities.
    2)Reinforcement - with 3 line about that
    3) Consistency with use of the visual schedule - with 4 lines about that
    4)non-contingent attention - 3 lines about that
    5)pick battles - 4 lines
    6)build social skills - with a sentence and a half about this.

    Then it says he's fortunate to have good family support.


    And they paid money for this....
  2. Jena

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    wow. who did this?? i got a complete evaluation done once years ago via school i spent days laughing at how absurd it was
  3. TerryJ2

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    Bring up to speed. This was the Special Education dept?
  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    No, this is the FBA done by an outside agency the school hired. A state agency that is supposed to specialize in autism and brings people in to districts to identify what the problems are and how to help the school fix them.

    The school refused to do this as an on-going thing, so it was a one-shot deal. This woman came in and watched Wee for 2 hours, apparently ONLY with the sped teacher (makes NO reference of any paras), and on a day that he had no real problems. Apparently, they also didn't give him what are likely the most important diagnoses....

    Her verbal preliminary report was 300% better than this. SURELY there is more.
  5. Marguerite

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    I would be wondering if she actually gave a similar verbal report to the principal, who told her she had better modify it to what the principal would accept.

    I had a specialist once that I was referred to for an opinion on a lump I had in a delicate place. This doctor decided that what I had was sexually transmitted and required surgery. He told me he had a new and expensive surgical tool and I would be the first patient it would be used on. The entire surgery was based on the pathology report, which I was told confirmed the specialist's preliminary finding (which upset me - how could I have anything sexually transmitted?).

    So after going on a search of how I could have got something sexually transmitted, after deciding to get other opinions as to diagnosis (because I didn't like the sound of what this specialist was planning for me with his shiny new gadget) I finally was told that there was no such sexually transmitted infection. So I said, "What about that pathology report confirming it?"
    The new doctor (Sydney Sexual Health Clinic - I sat there with junkies and hookers) said, "ring the pathologist."

    I rang the pathologist. He said, "I never said you had the sexually transmitted condition. Your specialist said he definitely saw it in gross findings. The biopsy sample did not show it though. That's why I said, 'findings not inconsistent with...' the sexually transmitted disease the doctor said you had. And I only wrote that because he wasn't happy that my first report said I couldn't find anything."
    " said, "Hang on - FIRST report? Second report?"

    What had happened, was my specialist had wanted so badly to 'play' with his new toy, that he had bullied the pathologist into giving him another report he could twist to get his own way, and then not told me of the ambiguity in diagnosis. I could have sued. I probably should have.

    So these days when a verbal report seems very different to a written one, I don't trust it.

    And any report commissioned by Organisation A that seems to support the aims, ideals and actions of Organisation A, I also never trust. That's why medical research has to be independently verified and then scrutinised to pass muster for publication in peer-reviewed journals, before anyone trusts it.

  6. Hound dog

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    I agree with Marg. Which is why I never allowed the school to evaluation Travis, it was always sources outside the school which really really peeved them off as they couldn't get them to modify their results to suit them. We did a visual evaluation via the school once, woman was excellent....somehow 80 percent of what she saw and recommended be added to the IEP never made it there. I never repeated it via the school again after that.

    I don't plan on letting Katie do it with either of the grandsons either for the same reason. been there done that with this SD. And muahhaaahhaa they thought they got rid of me when Travis graduated. :smug:
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    What a mess. And the next step is...?
  8. 1905

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    This sounds all too familiar. I work with autistic children, K- 3rd grade. One of the students had gotten a report like this, it was a joke and just sad. The teacher I work along side took that report, showed it to the head of SPED, who then wrote a letter to the co. the SD had hired, stating that he wasn't paying for this poor excuse of a report and the co. then sent someone else there the next day, doing a "better" report. Not everyone is qualified to do these things. If no one complains, nobody knows about the persons' shoddy, BS work. COMPLAIN!!!
  9. Marguerite

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    That's a really good point, Shari. Take the public attitude with the school - "I am outraged on behalf of the school, that the school's money is being wasted this way. How DARE they palm off on you, such a poor excuse for a report! Here are samples of other reports we've had done privately; these show just how badly this company dropped the ball and is clearly trying to exploit this service as a money making scam, and not putting in the effort that YOU paid for. I will happily support the school in a complaint, to make sure that whatever you asked for is of a professional quality."

    I found I always got a lot further with the school (who had every reason to dislike the searchlight of my activism when I focussed the beam on them) when I was fighting FOR the school. As a parent, I had more clout than the school staff and could get results for them where they could not.