We had the ARD...Finally!!!

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    We had the initial request for new testing in October. The testing told us nothing. Request for independent testing met with resistance. Formal FBA not done. Request for time with a reading specialist met with the statement that the reading teacher is highly qualified and works with small groups of students. My son turned and looked at the Special Education. supervisor and said that that was not true. Her response was to say, well he would refuse to work with her. She went on to say that there were other kids in the room who are only on a kinder level. This is ninth grade. my question is why are they not providing intensive reading help for these kids. They kept saying well he can go for tutoring after school. That is not intensive one on one reading intervension.

    The ard was tabled until march 19. The advocate was aghast about the hostility towards my son.
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    What did the advocate say? What evaluations did they do? What were their findings? So in other words, no IEP?
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    The testing was the woodcock johnson. It basically said he can't read and that he is overall very low. Well DUH. It did not say why he can't read. Yeah basically no IEP again and no help. The positive interventions were suspension and call me to pick him up. I can also develop a contract with him so that i am doing the consequences and rewards at home. I am also free to pay for reading interventions outside of school.
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    I'm glad you have an advocate. It sounds like you are heading to Due Process. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT.
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    Under what definition of positive is suspension???? LOL
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    The way this is going we might have an adequate IEP his senior year.