We lost our sweet furbaby yesterday


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Her name was Mandy but we affectionately called her "Kitty." She has been battling mega colon for the last year. She was extremely constipated so I took her to the vet yesterday. When they took her temp it was ten degrees below normal and her gums were completely white. They said she was also anemic due to the fleas we have been battling. I have tried many over the counter and prescription flea medications but she has become immune to all of them. The vet warned us she probably wasn't going to make it. While she was in the office her temperature dropped even lower to a dangerous 80 degrees. The vet stated that she was dying and had to be put to sleep immediately. I am devastated.

Kitty was truly the best cat I have ever had. We all loved her personality. She was my therapy cat. She could sense when I was anxious and she would come sit in my lap and help comfort me. She kept me company many a sleepless nights when I was battling insomnia. She also took baths with me every morning and every night. There will never be another kitty like her. We still have our cat Lily but she's not the same. Lily doesn't like to sit in laps and she sleeps by herself on the kitchen table. She hates to be picked up and will hiss and growl. I love her but she's not the same as my dear sweet Kitty. difficult child is taking this extremely hard. She is at school right now crying in the office. I broke down myself last night at the vet. If you could keep us all in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. I already miss her so much.


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I am so very sorry that you've lost your furbaby. Of course we love them all but there are always those that are special to us, those we form a closer bond with, and it hurts even more when they leave us. Sending many understanding hugs your way.


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Condolences on the loss of your furbaby. They are so much a part of the family - it leaves a huge hole when we lose one. Now is the time to mourn and remember the good times. Eventually perhaps you will be adopted by a new furbaby - not to take the place of the old one but to honor her memory.


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I'm so sorry. We lost our beloved cat in 2012 and it does get easier over time but you never forget their sweet personalities.