We made it through, day 1 of return to school is over...

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    First, he got ready and did well in the morning, just usual little testing things..but redirected fine. We stopped for gum on the way to school and as we got closer he got a little wiley...expected, so ok but I turned around and he had gum all over his glasses so he could not see thru.... I said my, "are yo kidding me?" just as a reflex. I wish I had thought more but i was pulling into the parking spot. He jumped out and ran into school and luckily our plan worked, teacher and aide were standing right there so he couldn't just run into his room. I told them he needed to wash his glasses, and they said that he cooperated with that fine once away from me....HOwever his glasses had a film of gum over the entire right lens and part of the left. I took them and tried them on...absolutely like putting that spray snow on. No ability to see out of the rt. and the middle of the left. i can't believe they didnt notice that!

    Oh well, in any event everyone said he did little bumps, soft pokes, etc. He perseverated on the word penis and told teh psycholgist that if he had sex with a teenager he woudl get into trouble, thougth he was being funny...turns out the whole team told me some athlete got in trouble for that (or a coach??) and he was repeating what he heard, Ididn't realize it was on the sports channel he was watching. Ok, gonna have to lock more shows. he didn't get much work done but did do things and speech and DAPE both said it went fine. Again people just kept saying he was easy to redirect. He will always need support like that, but it is a huge difference to have him back to that level. I really pray it continues.

    We had a talk about it but we did before that too and he still can't handle it. but he didn't do anything in the public school areas like he did before and everyone said the big difference was that you could redirect him wihtout his swearing at them, seeming so anxious and ready to pop at any moment. Hoping it is not just a honeymoon after being gone for two weeks. He usually starts school out well.

    Doctor wants to see him tomorrow so I just had to fess up that he can't take the morning bus. He heard me on the phone. He said he wanted to go to school and I would pick him up but he never does well with that so not gonna happen. He said he promised he was going to go fine and I just calmly said no. He said nothing. just asked to go out with friends. HMMM???? I am sure it is not the last i will hear of it but I can promise him he can stay up late (he wont but he will like the idea that he can). No threats, no blow ups, sigh...really this is day 2.5 so i just have to wonder.

    Well, he wants to go out side, i have to move myself to go watch him....

    ta for now. Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. i just dont know what i would do without all of you.
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    Sounds overall like a good day. I do know what story your difficult child is talking about in relations to the sports channel (you could look it up on ESPN if you want).

    Hope all goes well in the morning!
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    Yeah Q!!!!!