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    I was hoping someone has more info regarding Zyprexa. At the first of the year, we took difficult child from 7.5mg to 5mg (due to his psychiatrist's recommendation). psychiatrist understand that with difficult child being 18, he would be out of the system. Therefore, psychiatrist tried to help us in that he didn't feel that difficult child needed the zyprexa anymore. Stupid me...I didn't ask enough questions.

    We proceeded to go from 7.5 to 5 and then to 2.5 mg. I've took it very slow on the weaning. The Onc is at a lost as to what to do now.

    Due to insurance, difficult child's Onc is his main doctor for whatever. Figures, difficult child is the first patient he's ever had with any type of disorder(s). I've researched the web and I'm a little scared about the side affects of completely going off the zyprexa. I'm waiting on an email from difficult child's Onc to see what the next step is. difficult child is doing really really good but the side affects of completely being off zyprexa are scaring me to death!!!

    Has anyone dealt with this?

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    What do you mean the side effects of being off it? Do you mean just that he would not have the medications help that it has had for him? Or do you think that there will be some possible problem arising from going off the medication?

    If he has problems after he has gone off the medication because he NEEDS the medication and cant afford the medication because he has lost insurance then there may be programs out there from the company that makes Zyprexa that can help him.
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    My exSIL was put on zyprexa for post partum depression. It was a miracle drug for her state of mind. Sadly it caused weight gain and that triggered a whole new set of problems.

    Not sure if difficult child has to go off medications for lack of money or insurance, for lack of a doctor, or for refusing to take it and family can't force him to take it.

    If you google Montel and Partnership for Prescription Assistance you will get info and steps to getting the medication from the maker for free or very low cost. Some companies (drug co's) send the medications to your doctor in form of samples (but with enough to cover you for a certain amount of time) and some companies send the medications right to your door.

    EVERY pharmaceutical company has some sort of program to help people afford their medications.

    HOWEVER once a medication has gone generic that dries up. Especially if it goes OTC.

    I hope you can get the best treatment and medications to fit your needs.
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    difficult child is going off zyprexa as he no longer needs it. That's why we're weaning him off. It doesn't have anything to do with insurance or money. We're keeping him on trileptal until he's off treatment which will be another 1 1/2 years. difficult child has made so many good strides that the psychiatrist felt it was time for difficult child to be off zyprexa. However, I made the horrible mistake of not asking psychiatrist at the last appointment about what to do after the 2.5mg step down. As difficult child is now considered an adult, he no longer can go to the MHMR for juveniles. His psychiatrist didn't want him going to County Adult MHMR as difficult child is a success story and psychiatrist felt that difficult child would just be another number and not get the treatment. Therefore, as the Onc is the only doctor difficult child sees, psychiatrist wanted us to go through him for future medications--namely trileptal. Hope that explains what we're trying to do. I've decided to just stop the zyprexa and see what happens. If difficult child starts having problems, then I'll go back to it and talk to the Onc again. We transitioning insurance due to the "18" problem so do not have another psychiatrist lined up yet.

    Being 18 has become just another problem..lol.