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    I was watching some clips of the Early Show and found some websites that might help us save some $$$$. I know things are tight everywhere, so anything saved is awesome. is a site that will help you save your money. You go online and sign up and then you get 2.15% interest. You do link your account to, but it is FDIC insured so there is very little, if any, risk. You can take your money out as money or you can get giftcards worth up to 12% more. The initial amount is $25 so it may be worth at least trying.

    Another site is meant to help you manage your money. While I have no money to manage right now, maybe someone else can use it. The site is and it will help you find the best strategies to handle your $$. There is no risk as far as I could see. You give some info, but you do not link accounts or actually move money via this site.

    The one I think may be the most helpful is called You answer some questions and this will tell you how to get the best deals on your cable, phone, purchases, etc in YOUR area. It will even tell you where the cheapest gas stations are in your area.

    I have NOT vetted these sites but they were all on CBS' The Early Show on 6-15. I hope they are helpful to someone.
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