Wedding Day

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I'm actually quite surprised the day has finally arrived.

    Nichole's boyfriend has always had commitment issues.....pretty big I've been sort of waiting for the "bomb" to drop. You know, something that calls off the wedding. But no drama ect that I am aware of. Nichole seems blissfully happy.

    These two kids have been through so much together over the past 6-7 yrs. The relationship has not been the healthiest for most of that time. And honestly, I never truly expected boyfriend to marry her, whether his feelings for her were genuine or not.

    More than a little disappointed that boyfriend managed to finally talk her into a courthouse wedding. I know she never wanted big and fancy......but I also know she didn't want to do the courthouse either. Very disappointed she won't be wearing the dress I saved all these years. But that is MY issue, not theirs.

    I don't see the big ta do wedding happening at a later date. boyfriend's argument then will be why waste the money when we're already married.......So....may think about freecycling the dress in the near future. No sense in continuing to store it when no one will wear it. I might get surprised and the bigger nicer wedding will happen.......but I seriously doubt it. Again, MY issue. If Nichole is fine with the courthouse......I'll smile and be happy for her and svck it up and get over it. Life doesn't always play out how we dream it will.

    Seems a tad surreal that my baby girl and youngest child is getting married today. OMG where did the time go? How did the years pass so d*mn fast? Makes me feel a tad old. lol

    I'm hoping all goes well today. husband and I are leaving early to drive up there just in case we get behind slow people, which seems to be our luck. boyfriend's parents are also attending.

    Had a heck of a time finding something I could wear that was also appropriate. I'm retaining water horribly this week.......have very limited wardrobe that fits me in this state. Going to give them a gift card as I have no clue what to get a couple who has already been living together for quite some time.

    The sun is peeking in and out of the clouds.........maybe it will be a pretty day for them.

  2. HereWeGoAgain

    HereWeGoAgain Grandpa

    Congratulations! Hope everything goes extremely well.

    I'd be disappointed with a courthouse wedding too. But, like you said, it isn't your wedding.

    Why not keep the dress? Maybe one of the grandkids, or a grandkid's bride, may want it one day.
  3. CrazyinVA

    CrazyinVA Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I hope it's a wonderful day for everyone :)
  4. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Have a wonderful day, Lisa! Hugs to you and Nichole.
  5. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    Congradulations :)

  6. Jena

    Jena New Member

    sometimes simple is best, and like you said their choice. either way take some great pics........ and have a wonderful day you also have earned this in a Mom Way........ :)

    a sunny day, some little bouquet of flowers in her hand i'm sure it'll be beautiful.

    my friend did same and has yet to regret it.
  7. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! I hope it will be lovely and that all goes smoothly. So many emotions being the mother of the bride ... you don't know whether to smile or cry and usually end up doing a little of both!
  8. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Happy Wedding Day Mother of the Bride. Enjoy yourself.
  9. shellyd67

    shellyd67 Active Member

    Wishing you and Nichole and wonderful wedding day !!!!!:choir:
  10. KFld

    KFld New Member

    Sorry she isn't doing it the way you hoped, but I hope you Enjoy the day!! I know my easy child will have a huge traditional wedding, but I remember my difficult child when he went to one of his uncles weddings years back sat next to me in the church and said "I'll never put anybody through this ****", so I'm expecting someday he'll just call and tell me he got married :) hopefully not too soon though!!!
  11. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not


    And save the dress for a granddaughter...
  12. jal

    jal Member

    Congratulations! Enjoy.

    husband and I eloped. Just the 2 of us to a B&B in VT where we were married by a Justice of the Peace. Don't regret it and luckily no fallout from our families.

    Sometimes simple is best.
  13. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Save the dress. Maybe she can just have pics taken in it.

    Congrats and enjoy!
  14. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    First wedding... I wanted simple, outdoors. Mom's dress.

    I got: church, flowers, limo, tuxes, my Mom's dress, argument over veil or flower wreath (compromise, got both), huge luncheon, then reception later at the VFW. Since xh's friends were in from out of town they hung out in our hotel room afterward - I fell asleep on the toilet at 2 AM, after being up since 5 AM the morning before.

    Second wedding: I wanted simple, outdoors, CLOSE family only, kids part of it.
    I got: close family only, outdoors, kids part of it, and mother in law went overboard on flowers. father in law paid for one night at a theme hotel in KY, and watched the kids overnight. It was great.

    If Nichole really wants the big to-do wedding later, she'll get it.
  15. busywend

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    Congratulations on your wedding day Nicole! ENJOY IT!!!

    Congrats & enjoy to you, too, Mother of the Bride!
  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    It actually was fairly lovely...........even if it was done in a courtroom instead of a church. Judge was female.............oddly enough with the exact same name as one of Nichole's bff's (yeah was really weird as it's an unusual name and we're talking first and last name was identical) I think because the judge was female.........she made it as nice as possible.

    Silly part??

    Parents did real tearing up. I mean these two have been together about 7 yrs............

    Nichole and new sister in law were the ones fighting back tears.........and that sort of put a lump in my throat.

    In the morning is Spa cut styled, manicures, and make up done. Tomorrow night is the reception.

    Aubrey has been at her grandgrandma's and great aunt's since yesterday. Tad ironic as Nichole wound up having to bring along the baby she watches........although this lil girl is an utter angel. When sister in law (that's going to take getting use to) kissed the bride........she clapped and cheered. lmao
  17. lovemysons

    lovemysons Well-Known Member

    Congratulations mother of the bride. I hope you enjoy your spa day tomorrow and reception.
    You know, husband and I married by JP 25 yrs ago this July...then remarried on our 17th Anniversary...a real wedding. Either way, it's what's in your heart that matters most. I wish them a Loooooong and mostly happy marriage (being realistic ya know, lol).

    Tell you a funny one.
    Was listening to the news the other night and one of the newscasters remarried his wife after I don't know 30 yrs or of his friends said "You lied to the lady twice ???"
    I laughed.

    But ya, if you've been together 15 yrs or more I figure you've gone through some rough times (heck after 5 yrs of marriage I could say that!) and yet some of us really do hang onto the commitment, the for better or worse, and might I add, the like it or not, lol.

    I love weddings.
  18. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!!! It's a beautiful thing and I hope everyone has a great time tomorrow ! Really, that's what it's about- the family celebration. For the cost of a wedding you could put a downpayment on a house. I never wanted any type of wedding. husband and I got married by the mayor and then we went out to dinner. A few years later we went on a cruise and there was a renewing of vows thing for anyone who wanted to go, so we went. For some reason I could not stop laughing the entire time. I remember husband pinching me and telling me to stop, people were giving me dirty looks. Of course, this made me laugh even harder. They gave us a certificate which I still have, and once showed it to husband - he got mad at me all over again for making it into a joke. I think I'm goping to get it and show it to him again!
  19. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    I just showed it to him again- 10 years later- and he got mad all over again, he asked where I got that and said "Everyone was all dolled up and we were in flip-flops and t-shirts" (lol)
  20. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Congrats and glad to hear it went smoothly!