Week 3, already questioning medications..


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Today was the begining of Week three and I received an email from his Spec. Ed Teacher inquiring about his medications. This happens every year. Even after I tell them we have tried every ADHD medication out their and he is on the highest dose the doctor will prescribe. I get frustrated that teachers always seem to want to tweek my sons medications.

Does anyone else get these kinds of comments from teachers?



I don't think it's uncommon. No matter how well trained, I think teachers get frustrated with students from time to time.

I personally don't mind medication questions most of the time. It helps me determine when a medication re-evaluation may need to be done. But it can get frustrating when I feel pressured for a quick fix, because there aren't any.

The fact is that some kids with-ADHD do not respond to ADHD medications.

If you're comfortable with your son's diagnosis and the psychiatrist's medication management, all I can recommend is that you reiterate the same info to the Sp Ed teacher. If you're not, you may need a new multidisciplinary evaluation (private and through the school district) and a new child and adolescent psychiatrist to manage medication.

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due to the fact that we are still trying to find the right
medication(s) for my son, i always like to keep an open communication with his teachers...whenever something changes.. they are the first to know...also just for the fact that they see my son all day long, and can see how the medications are affecting him...i'm hoping it was more just an info kind of email and not one that suggests you give him higher doses(i love when they become doctors) p.s. sorry if i make no sense...been working 10 hour days and am extremely hyped on coffee although i am completely exhausted