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    I have just ordered a weighted blankets (6lbs) for V. He has a hard time falling a sleep at night and then wakes up a lot. He "travels" at night: tries the small couch, then the big couch, then back to bed, etc. We have been giving him melatonin before bedtime. It works really good as far as falling asleep, but has no effect on staying asleep.
    And then, I really don't like using medications on him. It is my personal philosophy, no judgement on the parents using medications.
    I read that the weighted blankets help the brain produce senatophin which then becomes melatonin when asleep. It also help the production of oxytocin which helps feeling good/happy.
    Does anyone have experience with weighted blankets for night time?
    Who knows, we might even try using it when V becomes overwhelmed.
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    I haven't tried them personally, but friends have and they saw great improvement.

    Son and DD2 often keep their backpacks on after school - sometimes up to an hour or more. It's the same concept as a weighted vest.

    If you see positive results with the blanket, you can explore the vests as well. They can be worn out of the house so it's portable and inconspicuous therapy.