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    Hi! Ok, this is a strange one. I never remember my dreams. I don't sleep more than 3 hours at a clip both due to the baby AND the fact that insomnia runs rampant in my family. This was strange because it involved the board.

    From what I can remember, one of you ladies and your husband were staying at my house for whatever reason. The woman's name in the dream was Lisa. She's blond, young, mid-forties, slender and the hair is short/shoulder length. The husband (whose name never came up) has that horse-shoe hair loss thing going on, glasses, mustache, average height and weight. Extremely tolerant and patient couple (the difficult child's were in it - mine, not theirs) and I got the idea that their kids were a little older than mine (like upper teen years).

    Basically, they spent most of the time sitting on the couch (now here's the weird thing - my couch is dead - deceased - no more - you sink in it because the springs let go) but the house isn't mine. It's very windowy, airy and bigger. Honestly, it's a beautiful place and clean - no clutter, neat and organized.

    Anyway, the difficult child's had pretty much been on their best behavior and the visit was going very smoothly. My husband was going to drive them into Manhattan so they were ready to go, but as usual were waiting around for husband to leave.

    Just then, difficult child 2 got his hands on some sort of powder (like talc of some kind) and threw it into the ceiling fan. In the end there were piles of this powder on the ceiling, everyone was white, I was trying to yell at difficult child 2 and the other couple was trying to hide that they were laughing at the whole escapade!

    The I woke up (Evie needed a bottle).

    Does this description of the people sound like any of you?


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    That couple represnets something about yourself. They were in your house, andwhenever you dream about your house (regardless of what it looks like - if in the dream your mind says, 'this is my house') then the house represents yourself, your own personality.

    That couple represnets something about yourself, either something you wantto be or something you already see in yourself. Maybe it was a dream to reasure you that you are a good parent, you will be fine with this baby and do a great job, regardless? There will at times be chaos but you've weathered worse, you will always find the way to laugh through it all. The kids are all getting older and improving in so many ways, all because of the efforts you're constantly putting in plus the support from this board giving you the reassurance that you're doing the right things.

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    I can assure that I am not, nor ever have been blonde. husband doesn't have the horse shoe thing going on. So it's not me. lol

    Odd dream.
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    There used to be a mellisa here who somewhat resembled that description and her husband had that horseshoe hair!

    Hey...did Evie where her red, white and blue star outfit for the 4th?
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    Marg: Thanks for the analysis...I used to be soooo into that stuff, but now all I read about is IEP's, psychology of icky little kids and cookbooks! ;)

    Daisylover: My husband has the "Jack Nicholson" hair thing going on. It definately was a strange dream!

    Janet! She looked so cute! Some of the things are now a little small, but I met a few families at the difficult child's school and they are taking the smaller ones. Most of the kids in their school are extremely low income so we're "in talks" with the principal to set up a "clothes closet" for siblings of the kids that go there.

    difficult child 1 took all the pictures on our trip to Grandmas (I'll put together a different post about the excursion!) and the fourth of july - then proceeded to drop the camera down the stairs and it is officially a "road kill camera"!

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    Beth...Can you believe Keyana wore that red, white, and blue outfit at a year!