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    DRKW posted the following on the previous thread about hitting biting etc. Please welcome her!

    I have a 5.5 yr old LW who we have struggled with for a while on the constant crying, whining, and hitting. It has escalated recently. He has a language comprehension issue we are helping with but slow. We just completed our neuro psychiatric evaluation but no results for few weeks. He was a complete anger during the 6 hr evaluation. at home he gets agry when he hears no, cannto get his way or what he wants immediately. His 10 yr old sister is frustrutated and I also struggle to keep my cool. Just today the spittign in the face started. We try time outs and they help but he destrys things along hte way, hits, screams. It has made me feel like a complete failure and I cannto tak him anywhere due to my fear of his outbursts. Do we ask for medication? Do I need medication? "

    Again, welcome to the crowd - it's a great group and there's a lot of experience and strong shoulders to lend support!

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    Welcome DRKW. You have found the right place. My difficult child had some of the same issues with meltdowns on the way to timeouts. I inflicted natural consequences, clean up the mess and "work" for me to pay off any damage. It doesn't always work so I threw in grounding from ALL activities until cleaned up and arrangements for repayment made (set schedule and jobs). Grounding resumed if he made an agreement and didn't follow through. It was harder on me that it was on him at first but eventually he realized I was serious. As for the "defiance", are you sure it's outright defiance and not a lack of understanding. This is the case in our house most of the time.

    Again, Welcome to the "family".