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    Julie, I took the liberty of pasting your post into its own thread so our members can welcome you properly:

    Good Morning everyone, my name is Julie and I am new.I don't even know if I am doing this right because I am really bad at computers.You all seem so kind. I have 2 kids Maddie is 12 and she is becoming so sweet and Jack is 10 he is funny and beautiful.He was dianosed adhd last year and has severe anx.He is taking Concera,Buspar,Clexa and melatonine.I am pretty sure he is ODD also.I am by myself.(x is just a jerk) this is just so hard.We are at each others throats all the time. I am on the verge of tears all the time and having a hard time managing all this stress. He is in therapy and has been for some time and sees a pediatrician.psychiatric.So I know you have all been there so for me it is nice just to know there is someone who knows how I feel.Maybe vent and get some good advice.So thank u for having this site.Here is hoping the sun comes out a little today. Thank u for listening, Julie
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    Sorry for the difficulties that brought you here, but welcome Julie.

    Do you have any down time away from the kids? Any support system? It can be really wearying if you don't. I am also a single parent so I can sympathize.
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    Hi Julie and welcome. I'm glad you found us, but sorry you needed to.

    Do you think the medications are making things better or worse?
    What behaviors are you seeing that particularly concern you?
    Has your son ever been evaluated by a neuropsychologist?

    A book that has helped many of us parent our extra-challenging children is The Explosive Child by Ross Greene. You might want to check it out.

    Again, welcome. You're not alone anymore.
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    Welcome, Juliet.

    Sorry your situation brought you to us, but glad you are here.
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    Welcome to the board, Julie!
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    Welcome, Julie. How is Jack doing at school?
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    Hi tictoc, thank u for replying.Jack is actually doing great in school.But he is not well.Sunday night was absolutley awful.We need a diag. of odd before the 504 meeting at school next week.The constant defiance is so hard. He has threatened himself (sunday with a knife) just because he was mad, so know safety has become an issue. could be medications, he was never this defiant before.Thanx for listening. Any advice would be great.Night:faint:
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    I am not sure if the medications are helping anymore. They were but things seem to all of a sudden be spiraling out of control. Safety has become an issue. Threats.Yes he has been evaluated.And actually we have an appointment Friday night.We will see. Once again maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.On a positive note my daughter is so brave and handles all of this with such maturity. Both of my kids are so loved.I just wish they both felt it
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    Hi Jeppy, thanx for the note.I do have down time away from the kids every other weekend.I have been sleeping quite a bit to recharge my battery.Support system yes my friends and family but as u know they don't truly understand.That is about it.Dr. appointment. with Jack Friday night.Hopefully we will get some help.Thanx again, J
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    Julie, ODD is not a helpful diagnosis. It is a behavioral disorder, not a mental health disorder. What you're talking about, I think, is a mental health issue that could be fueled by the wrong medications. How long has Jack been taking Concerta and Celexa? What doses? They could be making things worse instead of better.

    If Jack threatens himself again with a knife, I recommend taking him to the ER for an evaluation. This is a serious situation that needs immediate attention.
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    Well talk to psychiatric. today she thinks also this could be medicine fueled partially because Jack has never been this defiant. He was put on Celexa about 2 mos. ago and has seem to spiral downward since. He is on Buspar 3x a day, 27 mg concerta, and celexa.Melatonin to help sleep. She recommended dropping the celexa and replacing it with a small dose of depacote.I know it is a mood stabilizer/anti seizure.Our appointment is Friday. Any suggestions or advice would be great. Thanx.Today and last night were actually better so I am in a more optimistic mood.
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    Hi, Julie.

    How were your son's early milestones? Does he understand how to socialize with his same age peers? Does he have any odd quirks? Did he like to be cuddled as a baby? Does he make good eye contact with you and strangers? Does he know how to hold a give-and-take conversation? Any obsessive interests?

    Are there any psychiatric problems or substance abuse on either side of his genetic family tree?

    I agree that ODD is not a useful diagnosis. ODD is fueled by bigger disorders. Has he ever seen a neuropsychologist? To me, they do intensive testing and are the best diagnosticians.

    I don't personally like either stimulants or antidepressants for kids. My kids did horrible on both and on Prozac my daughter pulled a knife on herself. in my opinion you need to know what is really wrong with your son.