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    Hi Lostandconfused2424! I'm setting up your own thread so that you can get a little more exposure to the people on the forum. If your post got lost on another thread, you might not get much feedback...Welcome to the group! There's a lot of experience and strong shoulders and it's a pleasure to meet you! So here's your initial post on the other thread:


    I just read your postings and this is my first time on here. I too have the same exact thing happening. He has not gotten kicked out yet like he has in pre-k. Today he was kicked out of daycare/karate. He was cussing biting, kicking, growling! He was out of control. I do not know what causes this but I am feeling very distant to "my son" who right now I can honestly say does not act like my son. I feel very hopeless and sad and I do not know what to do. Please let me know if anything is working. I am a single Mom of 2 kids and if I keep missing work like I am I am not sure how much longer I can keep my job if there is no school or daycare??? I feel so trapped. I almost feel like this is a horror movie and we are being targeted by some evil force!
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    Just wanted to say welcome. How old is your kiddo? Could you give us some more info?