Well at least DUBYA had the good sense...


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...to schedule his speech tonight AFTER AMERICAN IDOL! :rofl:

Be there or be square.....8 PM (that's for American Idol :wink:)

More auditions tonight. I hope they show some GOOD singers tonight.

Suz :princess:


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Whew! I am glad this wasn't what I thought it might be. You are just trying to get my attention aren't you Suz?

I actually watched an episode last week. I just don't have the time to be addicted to any other shows. I will just have to read the write ups on the threads.



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Ya know I was worried about how they were gonna frame the speech around Idol! He must be a fan...lmao.


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Gave me a heart attack! I thought this post was gonna be about something political.

His speach comes on before Idol, here, doesn't it? I thought it was at 7, which is really different too.

You are absolutely right. I was thinking that he would have really p'd off an awful lot of people if he had scheduled it during Idol time. He hasn't messed with Survivor either...ya ever notice that?

I think W. likes reality TV. Either that, or his PR dept is really on the ball when it comes to messin with our tv time, eh?


(the future) MRS. GERE
In PA he comes on at 9, after Idol. I guess everyone should check their local listings.

I thought this post was gonna be about something political.
Seriously? From me? HA- not likely. I'm the most apolitical person I know and I've been around long enough to know that Fran would knock me upside to heaven and I love to tease her. She doesn't call me "The Brat" for nothing. :smile:



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yes, you are right. It's on at 9. I'm not sure what I thought I heard. I was listening to Fox News this morning and I could have sworn they said it was coming on at 7, which I thought was quite unusual, but I had assumed it was because he wouldn't dream of messing with Idol.


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YOU are the cats pajamas! Was wondering to myself...OH MAN.....now if I don't watch idol and Wubya is going to be on, I guess I'll clean the clean air returns, and pick the grit out of the faucet heads, change the filters on the fridge, and go scoop dog poop. It's all crap work and no one wants to hear me talk about it....just like....well just like....naw....Star learning to be very quiet and good. :princess: :smile:


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Starbie, considering your other post about Stardude, I'm not surprised to read that you'll be doing those chores tonight. I wish we lived closer- I'd paint your kitchen while you did the other things. What a pair we are! :hammer:



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Bad Suz. lol.

I'll be watching NCIS or Idol and taping the other. Then after they are both over, I'll watch whichever one I taped.