Well, he passed his drug test but....

Stacy G.

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am I relieved? No. Just suspicious. I hope to God that he truly did pass it but I'm scared that he finally got smart enough to figure out what to take to test clean. :crazy: Good grief, does it ever end? Actually I guess I do believe that he has not smoked any pot & the test is acurate but only because of him being on house arrest for the past month. :eek: It would be pretty dang nervy of him to smoke it right under my nose huh? I wouldn't put it past him though. Grrrrrr.

Our :smirk: , I mean his house arrest is over this Monday & then for the next 60 days he has a 7pm curfew. Actually I guess it's pretty acurate when I say OUR since I feel like I have been on house arrest too since I've been here 90% of the time to babysit him. :cry: I'm pretty nervous about him being able to go out of the house, scared the first chance he gets he's going to smoke a joint. :frown: I feel this uncontrolable urge to drug test him every single day!! :crazy:

husband keeps trying to tell me that I can't be with him 24/7, that he has got to want this for himself & my brain KNOWS THAT but my heart apparently doesn't. I am going to be a nervous wreck on Monday, I just know it. We have made it more than clear to him that smoking pot is TOTALLY unacceptable to us so hopefully he will keep that in mind & realize that the first drug test he fails he will end up in juvenile & I will do nothing to stop that.

Guess I just needed to get this off my chest to people who have been there done that. Parenting is HARD!!! :hammer: :smile:


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First of all, I totally understand when you say "our". I'm sure that you have been on house arrest as much as he has.

Depending on what type of drug test, because so many places now sell things to help produce a clean drug test, the tests can show up as tainted or diluted. So, if his test was clean, I'd not let my guard down, but I'd be fairly confident that it was a true clean test, as the court system more than likely uses a pretty sophisticated testing system.

Hopefully he can continue that after his house arrest ends. Even with an early curfew, our kids can still get into all kinds of trouble.

Yes, he has to want it, but I also agree that "nudging" (aka letting him know in no uncertain terms that it won't be tolerated and he'll either have to 'voluntarily' go to a treatment facility or will be sent to juvie), especially at your son's age, is crucial. I know when my son was 14, we did just that. He wasn't complying and was still drugging, so we had to "nudge" (force) treatment.

My heart goes out to you, as I know how hard this is. Hang in there though. Doing everything you can do now to help him turn things around can make a difference. Yes, he has to want it, but hopefully he'll see that his life can be so much better without drugs.



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I understand, too. You have a pretty good chance that he could
turn it around due to his age and supervision. I'll root for him
from afar......and remind you to say the Serenity Prayer. Hugs.


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I'm glad he passed the test. Your husband is right though, you can't be with him 24/7 and it's up to him what he is going to choose to do, or not, once he is allowed back out.

Glad your house arrest is coming to an end soon. I don't know how you did it??

Stacy G.

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Thanks y'all. :smile: Adam has been pretty irritating lately (more so than usual :smirk: ), I'm sure he's getting a little stir crazy. :crazy: So of course we all have to suffer because of that.

Ephchap, I asked Adam after he passed his test how he felt. He said he didn't feel any different now than he did when he was smoking it. :crazy: Gaaahhhhh, I think that boy lays awake at night just trying to come up with ways to irritate me.

Stacy - the 'nudger' :smile: