We're back home. Three nights of GED testing over....


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The tests are over. He thinks he did well. Guess it will be six to eight weeks until the scores come in. Fingers
are crossed.

Next step?? Exercise regiment and diet. Possibly a part time job at a restaurant.

husband and I are really hoping that we are turning a major corner with our son. Time will tell. DDD


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:bravo: What a great update, DDD! I will certainly keep body parts crossed that he did well, but more importantly, he made the effort! That's huge! I'm grinning here, happy that things seem to be turning the corner. Wahooooooo.

A belated /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hapBday.gif to you, by the way! I remember you saying that you'd be spending your birthday weekend with him taking his GED. Sounds like it was a great birthday!

Big hugs,


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""sunny thoughts" have been few and far between lately....

but.... congratulations on easy child/difficult child taking the GED! That is soooooooooooo awesome. What a turnabout!

I have to say, difficult child 2 seems to really like tech school. Once he starts feeling some accomplishment things seem to go a little more smoothly.

It will happen....I just know it.


Great news! Let's hope it helps get him a job that takes up so much of his time he has no time to go out. How about a job 4 to 12?


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Well...instead of a job this month we have two other goals.
(1) This weekend we are doing body measurements and weigh in
to start learning how to monitor caloric intake and increase
our water intake. easy child/difficult child and I are going to "help each other" record our progress in separate duotangs. He has gained thirty pounds this year since his brain surgery and
I have played Duncan Yo Yo, myself. I want him to think positively again...and if all goes well...like an athlete.
2. I am signing him and difficult child up for using the gym at the Y
within walking distance of our house. easy child/difficult child has said he will do it. I'm not sure he will but I am pretending that I
think he will..so..maybe he will.

Then he is going to request permission to go to Atlanta for
Thanksgiving with us and I assume the PO will agree. That
will be another way to remind him there is alot of life away
from this joint.

Meanwhile he is exploring school and career options (albeit
rather passively). Everyone, including his Uncle who is in
State law enforcement, agrees that it is imperative that he
get out of this community. We drove by one vocational college in Orlando during our trip.

I'm trying to help him move along. He does have a job that
is available close to 4 to 12. Like many restaurant jobs,
however, the kitchen help chill out after work with a blunt
or some Hennesey. Yikes.

I'm still trying to think "Sunny" thoughts. DDD


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I missed this post somehow, but it sounds good!! I'm glad to hear he took the test. When we he get the results?
I learned from working in restaraunts that no matter which one you work at, if there is alcohol, that is what everyone does at the end of the night. May not be the best option for him. Hope he'll choose a vocational school. I wish mind would think about going to one.


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The results are suppose to arrive in four to six weeks. I,
of course, don't know if he "did" well....or if he "thinks"
he did well. My gut however expects that he has pulled up
some old brain power and succeeded.

The alcoholism is increasingly apparent almost any time he is with peers. IF his GED comes through then perhaps he
can feel a little bit less like he has to drown himself in
booze in order to feel worthwhile. Vicious cycle. DDD


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husband and I are really hoping that we are turning a major corner with our son. Time will tell. DDD

[/ QUOTE ]

Me too DDD me too!!!! -RM /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/10-311.gif


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DDD it's good that he has this behind him. Hope he gets the results soon. I know what you mean about vicious cycles. If difficult child could get a job, he could have structure.

Let me know how you get difficult child to exercise and watch what he eats?
Good luck for difficult child.


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I will say a huge prayer that he passed. I know that is one thing I am very very thankful for, and that is that my difficult child graduated highschool right before all this hit the fan. I know if he hadn't, he probably would have never taken the initiative to go for his ged.
He won't even take the initiative to set up a paternity test, never mind a GED test!!

I'm so glad your difficult child stepped up to the plate and did this.


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I'm in a similar place - I just took my 3-day GED test about a week and a half ago, waiting for my results. Exercise and diet are my next steps as well, as I am gaining weight (not out of hand yet, but want to make sure it doesn't get that way) due to Risperdal, as well as Depakote.

I hope your difficult child did great on the GED! Best of luck to you!