We're in Amish country!!

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    It's our first time here and we are leaving to go to the Philly area Wed. am so what are must-try foods? We know we want to try to tour a farm and visit an Amish store and if we can, we'll try to squeeze in a show about the heritage. That will probably be about it for this leg of the trip.
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    Are you in Lancaster? There's Miller's....it's a huge buffet and you can try everything. There's also this restaurant...one of our favorite places to visit http://www.stoudtsbeer.com/ It's a German restaurant with a microbrewery. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I love to try theirs. It's in Ephrata....about 15 minutes north of Lancaster.
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    Yipee! Someone on the board knows the area!

    Yes, we are about a 5-10 min drive west of downtown Lancaster. I saw Millers advertised, as well as Bird-in-hand Restaurant & Dinner Theater. I was wondering if it would be worth $48/ea to try to get reservations for the dinner and live perfomrance about an Amish love story tomorrow night. What do you think? I should add, we didn't bring anything nicer than casual clothing on this vacation.

    As an alternative, we could visit the Mennonite Visitors Center tomorrow, along with one of the farms and stores then go to Millers tomorrow night. Somewhere, I need to get a heritage type Christmas ornament or a small hand-craft made by the Amish that I can turn into a Christmas ornament. (It's our tradition for each vacation spot- I'll get another from Philly.)

    It took us 6 hours to get here because traffic was slow around Difficult Child (TG we'll go down the Eastern Shores on the way back.) That 6 hours includes a 1/2 hour lunch/gas/potty/walk dogs break though. E is now in the pool trying to cool off while I have a beer and relax. I was hoping to find a restaurant near here for tonight that might be a little traditional for the area. Any suggestions for tonight? Since we want to get up relatively early in the morning to get a good start on the day and although we were only driving, we feel exhausted so we are hoping we won't have to drive more than 15 mins to get to something. Are we too far away from the Amish restaurants for that tonight?
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    I didn't see where this restaurant (in your linnk) is located- did I miss the address somewhere? Sorry- I'm just tired and am sure I must be overlooking it.
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    I used to live in Lancaster area. Miller's is good. I never saw a show so I can't give you any info on whether you should make the reservation. If you go to Bird-in-Hand or Paradise or other small Amish towns around there you should be able to get an ornament - they have a bunch of small Amish shops/stands.

    Oh, and casual clothing is fine. I didn't see an address for Stoudts on their website but they did list a phone number under the Restaurant & Pub section.

    Enjoy - the area is beautiful.
  6. Suz

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    K- for Stoudt's, here's the link to their page with address and directions. Scroll down... http://www.stoudtsbeer.com/ , They are closed July 4

    Wish I'd known you were headed up here. I'm only about 30 miles away from Lancaster. Have fun!

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    k, sometime when you and E have a little mad money and time... Go to Hersheypark. I haven't been there since I was about 10 but it rocked then, and Raven's mom lives in N Hempstead and says it's still pretty awesome!
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    Yeah, E wanted to go there this trip but ya know, funds are still based on the salary I have been making this past year right now so we can't afford it this time. Once we move, we'll be a little closer and after I get a little ahead financially maybe we can take a weekend trip and go to Hershey. We're headed out to tour a farm and have an Amish lunch and find a shop to get a Christmas ornament!
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    I've been to Millers. Be sure to bring your appetite.
    One thing the restaurants do with-groups is to place a huge bowl of something on the table and you pass it around. No portion control at all!

    I wanted to buy some of the fabulous quilts but they were too expensive ... I ended up with-a baby blanket quilt. I will keep it forever.
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    Sorry, didn't get back on until now. Been busy cleaning C's house.

    Did you go the Mennonite's visitor center? Did you see the replica of the Temple? Amazing, isn't it? Our Bible study group did a study on it and we went to visit it in the fall. Loved it.
  11. klmno

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    Yes, we did go to the visitor's center and the place next door- I can't remember what they called it. I thought the temple replica and info was very interesting- E wasn't so interested. One of the ladies working there gave us a great background on the Mennonites and Amish and I bought some apple butter there. Then we drove around the farm areas, went to a place where they had a great Amish store and theater next door that showed a fime about an Amish teen. The staff there gave an introductory talk before the film and that was also very informative. E was particularly interested in that because it answered a lot of his questions about how the kids are raised and if they are ever allowed to leave and what is expected of teens. He left having having a very positive attitude about their beliefs as Mennonite-rooted and how they allow their teens a choice. We both learned a lot of respect for them!

    I hadn't realized that the denomination I was raised in stemmed from their same core beliefs. Since I had taught those to E, that opened the door for a lot of discussion about religious beliefs, way of life, etc.
    We had the family feast at a restaurant that claimed to be a 'sister restaurant' of Millers- all I know is that when we left we were too stuffed to take a walking tour! That's ok though- we bought some jam, a Christmas ornament, and some fudge and had learned a great deal. Also, E had a chance to try a few Amish dishes (shoofly pie, for one) and we got some photos of authentic Amish (not buggy rides) driving down the rode in thei buggy in the midst of traffic. LOL!

    I think we'll come back sometime and when we do, we'll try a local German restaurant.

    Terry, the only portion control we followed was to only take a small portion each tiime the bowl was passed- but it was passed a lot! One thing- I thought teen boys grew out of being a bottomless pit. Now I know different. We had E (who's a teen), a middle-aged man, and an elderly man at the table, along with myself and two other women. Let me tell you- E ate a lot and the middle-aged man ate a lot more than E and none of us thought the elderly man would ever quit asking for more food. LOL! That man was medium weight, too- clearly not going hungry so I have no idea how he could eat that much.

    I would have loved a quilt or two but I didn't even bother looking- I knew the prices would be out of my range for this vacation's spending budget.
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    If you see this in time- Jim's Steaks at 4th and South Street, for the best cheesesteak you will ever eat! Get it "with wiz". It is RIGHT THERE near the Independence Mall area- OK? GO!