We're trialing Ritalin and...


OMG. :smile:

I gave him a short acting dose at 3:45.

He has not stopped talking since. His brain is going even faster than his mouth, he's stuttering and having a horrible time keeping up with his thoughts and getting frustrated.

He's not moving like a crazy man. Sure is talking like one, tho.

He is almost obsessive with his Legos.

Boy am I glad we didn't try the 12 hour extended release formula.



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My personal opinion, and I'm no doctor, is that it's acting like speed to him, which, again in my opinion only, means he probably doesn't have ADHD and, if it were me (and this is only my opinion) he wouldn't take it again. Ritalin had that sort of effect on me and I'm bipolar II. It made me high as a kite, then the drop off was so bad I fell into a deep depression that lasted for months. My spectrum son was tried on stims and it never helped him--just made him mean and aggressive. Stims aren't for all kids, especially if they have mood disorders too. I'd call the psychiatrist. That hyper-talking isn't supposed to happen if the medication is right for your child.


I'm not giving it again. Was supposed to wear off in 4 hours, gave it at 3, he went to bed at 2am and was p and down all night. The last 2 hours were HORRIBLE, he was jeckyl and hyde, I was afraid to fall asleep before him, his tolerance for frustration was even smaller than normal (didn't know what was possible), it was awful, awful, awful, and we won't do that again, at least not any time soon.

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Time to call psychiatrist & report the results. The immediate response to ritalin would indicate this isn't the right medication.

Hope things settle down soon. :warrior:


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well my son takes 80mills of rittalin .a combination between long acting and short and he could not function without it.it controlls his behavior and impulsives.yes it makes him talk alot.but for me it either talk alot or cuss me out break things or hurt someone.if that does not work you could always try another medication my son has tryed so many


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My son is on Adderall-but just a small dose-its the extended release version.
For the first three days it was really odd-he would hyper focus on things to the point of obsessing over them-did the lego deal too. I never noticed the talking-although he was constantly talking about his favorite obsessions etc. He would adjust and re-adjust his bed sheets and blankets for 15 min or longer. But the hitting and impulse issues were totally GONE! There was no stuttering though?
Its so hard figuring the medication side out-they can get rid of some of the behaviors that you want them to get rid of, but then create others that you never wanted.
But after abt three days they hyperfocusing was gone.....so I dont know what to tell you-its so much trial and error and what works for one certainly isnt the case for another.
Hope your doctor can figure it all out and he gets more stable. The side efects for my son are totally gone now and he is doing really well on it-or better than before with his impulse hitting and yelling.


Finally, this morning, difficult child 2 is back to his "normal" self. What impulse control he had is back, stuttering and non-stop talking is gone, thoughts are complete again. He still played lego's last night, with 4 or 5 periods of jumping around in between, but we still had the stuttering and non-stop talking last night. Gone this morning, thank goodness.
psychiatrist was very concerned and does not want to give this medication again. I think she feels this is a bit of confirmation of her suspicion of a mood disorder, tho we may try other ADHD medications yet, we'll see.
But Ritalin is out for us.