What did non-easy child diva just answer yes to?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Non-easy child diva and I were visiting with our neighbor, B. B asked non-easy child a question to which the reply was "yes". I was shocked, couldn't believe my ears. "What did you just ask her?" "I asked if she missed high school." I tell you, I near fell off my chair. Non-easy child repeated, "Yes, I miss the work at high school. Collage is hard."

    Why could she not have figured that out while still in high school? Sigh

    She is taking one class only this semester. She is on academic probation for failing her classes last semester so she has to pass this class. I think it is world cinema? Then we find out it is a 2nd year class! Doesn't sound good but she says she likes the class and is willing to put all her effort into it. She likes the instructor so is comfortable to ask for help. She also said something about a writing center on campus to get help at. I so hope she learns to love on campus classes. She is meeting new people and hopefully will make new friends who will support her academic goals.
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    OH OKAY you're a teen....got it.....

    FIngers crossed.
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    That sounds like something Cory once told me about school. It was convoluted but hilarious. He said he was sorry he quit school because he just noticed that there were girls in high school!
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    Oh Janet, that is so funny! Reminds me when I overheard non-easy child diva and her friend talking a few weeks ago about how to meet guys. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I suggested that they volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. The lightbulb shone brightly on both faces and the friend said, "Why didn't my mom ever suggest that?" "Yeah, that is a great idea!" (I made non-easy child diva repeat that her mom actually had a great idea.)

    Girls, if you want to meet more responsible guys, try going to where they would hang out - like helping others? or perhaps at college? or heaven forbid, you could get a JOB!
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    :rofl: Janet. You should've put a warning on that reply. I spewed pepsi on my desk.

    Andy, Nichole got off to a rocky start with college at first too. It's just so vastly different from hs that I think it can be a culture shock for some kids.