what do you do when............????????


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I just don't what to do anymore. My difficult child has been home for 1 wk from the Safe House/Safe Station after an altercation between husband and difficult child. Things seems to be the same, if not worse as far as him not following house rules. When do you just say enough is enough and what do you do next? Seriously people, I don't want just opinions, any guidance or experience? We love him and don't want to give up too soon but it is exhausting my husband and I and we are noticing attitude issues with the other children in the house. Any info?


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Has your husband addressed the altercation with difficult child? I would think that there is a lot of anger on difficult child's part and until that is addressed, you're going to see what you're seeing. I speak from experience on that. Family counseling is a must at this point. Trust between your husband and difficult child needs to be reestablished before you can expect to see any major changes.

As far as it affecting the other children and what to do in that regard, I'll let someone with personal experience in that area answer.


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I can only tell you what I did in my situation. My daughter is almost 16 yrs. old. We have had problems with her for years. After the past year with all kinds of battles with defiance, violence, threatening behavior etc. I went to juvenile court to file a CHINS(Child In Need of Services)When I went in front of the judge, I explained the situation, and that I felt we could not manage her in the home, with her being defiant and out of control. I asked for an out of home placement. She was placed in a foster home and has been there since the middle of April, with very little progress on her part. This has torn me apart but I knew that it had to be done. I am not sure about the system in your state and what services are available. I wish you luck and hope you can get the services you need for your son and your family.