What do you think, a police registry for autism and training??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I think this an interesting idea. Nothing is going to be perfect. I wonder what you guys think....????


    I mean when you read things like this:


    and this:


    You have to wonder what we can do? Maybe if it is voluntary and you can take the name off at any time like an ROI kind of thing??? OR you have to sign it yearly like with ROI. I would absolutely sign up. The most important part is the training of course. Here we can tell 911 dispatch we have a disabled person in the home and Q is listed. Also have listed that I have inside locks and they need a special bolt cutter to get through if there is a fire or anything else like that (that makes it legal to have the locks). I feel like the people who show up still need to be helped to understand everything though.

    I have been thinking of this after talking to the crisis person last night in the county. He was so nice. He said that the police in our city have a really good rep. in their office (they cover our whole county which is huge). They have NEVER had any child for any reason, much less a disability be tased (sp?) in our city.

    This is a cool report from Pennsylvania on encounters with emergency services over the ages of people with autism...definitely shows trends that are interesting...

    http://www.paautism.org/asert/Needs Assess_UnwantedOutcomes_Sept 2011.pdf
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    Well, it certainly couldn't hurt anything.

    Most of the cops here know Travis from him walking around town. They stop and check on him if he's walking at night, which irritates him. lol But I think it's nice that they make sure he's ok. Although one asked if it wasn't more dangerous if he walked at night? Travis told him that for a blind person it didn't make much difference if it's light or dark. lol Now that got the guy thinking. Travis' biggest complaint is that not many people seem to understand what his white cane means, or that it automatically gives him the right of way. (he doesn't abuse that but he can't always know a light has changed ect) And he tells the cops so. He's been nearly run over zillions of times, even using the lights and crosswalks.
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    difficult child 1 and I were just talking about something similar the other night. difficult child 1 occasionally makes comments like "that cop should be shot" or "that cop should get fired" or "that cop is just stupid" in regards to the JERK of an officer that we had that problem with in October.

    I don't want difficult child 1 to EVER get into trouble for speaking his "innapropriate" mind in front of or to that cop if he ever sees him again. So, in order to change his train of thinking, I explained that the cop just hasn't been trained in these things and had never heard of such a thing as what happened. It worked, he went on and on about how he should be trained in ALL of it and how they should all be trained and..... I agree that they should all be trained in so many mental health issues but Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is one where understanding the different logic causes some unique problems that can be VERY easily misinterpreted.
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    I love Travis! (no thought of others who may be out at dark, lol, really good .... wonder what the cops thought, it would have made my day if I was them)